Top Bank Rankings for 2005

Assets (in millions of Kenya shillings)
Barclays 104,522
Kenya Commercial 74,338
Standard Chartered 72,969
Cooperative 51,835
National Bank of Kenya 32,584
Citibank Kenya 30,928
Commercial Bank of Africa 29,667
CFC 20,893
NIC 20,631
Investment & Mortgages 18,046

Customer deposits
Barclays 81,800
Kenya Commercial 59,954
Standard Chartered 59,683
Cooperative 43,370
National Bank of Kenya 25,252
Commercial Bank of Africa 25,088
Citibank Kenya 22,697
NIC 16,575
CFC 15,301
Investment & Mortgages 14,799

Barclays 65,562
Standard Chartered 34,042
Kenya Commercial 32,849
Cooperative 29,089
National Bank of Kenya 24,213
NIC 14,127
CFC 11,662
Commercial Bank of Africa 11,589
Investment & Mortgages 11,087
Diamond Trust 10,318

Pre-tax profit
Barclays 5,401
Standard Chartered 3,500
Kenya Commercial 1,909
Commercial Bank of Africa 1,294
Citibank Kenya 1,285
National Bank of Kenya 859
Cooperative 706
Equity 501
Investment & Mortgages 489
Standard Bank of South Africa (Stanbic) 440

Return on assets
Development Bank of Kenya 6.05%
Barclays 5.17%
Standard Chartered 4.80%
Equity 4.37%
Commercial Bank of Africa 4.36%
Citibank Kenya 4.15%
Imperial 3.92%
Credit 3.22%
Habib AG Zurich 3.10%
Equatorial 2.97%

Non interest income to total income
Oriental (formerly Delphis) 85.96%
Family Finance 59.44%
Equity 51.97%
Consolidated 50.24%
Cooperative 47.88%
Commercial Bank of Africa 47.37%
Kenya Commercial 46.12%
Citibank Kenya 44.05%
EABS 42.70%
Barclays 41.10%

Investor gains
(Returns to shareholders of financial institutions/companies listed on the NSE, combining share prices at the beginning, and end, of 2005 and adjusted to reflect dividend payments – but does not include share price movements during 2006).

Pan Africa Insurance 91.43%
Kenya Commercial 77.27%
Housing Finance 59.20%
National Bank of Kenya 52.41%
Jubilee Insurance 46.12%
Barclays 38.50%
CFC 29.03%
ICDCI 25.83%
Standard Chartered 17.62%
Diamond Trust 12.11%
NIC 6.00%

6 thoughts on “Top Bank Rankings for 2005

  1. gishungwa

    have no idea what all the numbers are all about call it ignorance then again was interesting to look out for my bank.Interesting hmmm….

  2. Abby

    thanks for the info … nice to see my teeny-tiny bank climbing up the charts…

    lol@gishungwa’s “not that I like to brag…”

  3. jossam

    Interesting.. Sorry I’ve not had a chance to catch up on all your blogs entries. Do you work at a bank or did you used to work at bank?

    The few post I’ve seen I really like. Keep posting, I’ve added you to my bloglines as “must read”..

  4. Jaba Boeku

    Great post..have been waiting for this infor since i started reading your blogs. Must say there is alot I did not know abt my banks.

    On a much ligher note, as i’d predicted has not been updated since!

    To echo JOSSAM > du u work in a bank?

  5. bankelele

    gishungwa: First among equals

    Numbers can tell a lot. What is your bank?

    Mama Mia: What is your bank?

    jossam & Jaba Boeku: Yes, work at a Bank. Sad that has not been updated, but since all the partners are very busy selling shares to the public the may not have found time to update iit.

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