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Ethanol for Kenya Part II

Thank you for the very informative links, responses, comments, and tips from yesterday’s post on ethanol for Kenya

Some highlights
Kenyan Pundit on ethanol production efforts in Southern Sudan and our archaic sugar sector (linked by AfroM)
Mashatall for mentioning in Sasol in South Africa is minting crazy chums selling ethanol
Anonymous for the link to dogwood energy which included a do-it-yourself (DIY) guide to make ethanol at home
Persona for noting that Muhoroni’s Agrochemical & Food Co. and other local companies have been producing Ethanol in Kenya for years – and for noting that all the cheap ‘whiskies’ and ‘vodkas’ that we have contain it
ChumviKiasi for mentioning that switchgrass is the most efficient bio fuel crop

Great Resource
This post from Timbuktu Chronicles contains references to a DIY ethanol kit, how to use solar power to make ethanol, and how to run a petrol engine on ethanol, among others.

More applied brewing
Sierra Brassiere is a Nairobi restaurant / micro brewery located next to the Panari Hotel (on Mombasa Rd.) that brews and sells two in-house beers (sierra blonde and sierra amber) @ 120 shillings per glass – and if you are there on the right day, you can even get a factory tour of the micro brew process.

– From geishablog a simple guide to how Sake is made in Japan.

Kenyan’s abroad

As the impact of John Garang’s death is absorbed, we must all consider the following grand plans that have been announced in Kenya since the Sudan peace deal was signed early this year:

1. KCB announced plans to open a branch in Rumbek
2. East African Portland Cement plans to build a new cement factory in S. Sudan
3. CMC planned to open a vehicle plant.
4. Numerous proposed roads, and railway lines to Sudan
5. Oil pipeline to be built
6. New Kenyan Embassy to be set up in S. Sudan

These, among others, show what a profound economic impact that sustaining the peace deal could have for the two countries.

Kevin Waruinge, who emigrated from Kenya in 1998, was among six US marines killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq this week.

As Transport Minister Dr. Chris Murungaru weighs his travel options, he must also ponder that the United States is considering denying a visa to the President of Iran, to prevent him from giving a speech at the United Nations in New York in September.

Business Briefs

Nakumatt over-expanding? As Uchumi has sunk ever deeper into debt and losses (financial and customers) the Nakumatt chain has grown by adding new lines such as automotive, housing, cars, furniture into their supermarkets – and making their brand “all under one roof.” But of late Nakumatt has added new stores in Nairobi such that they may fall into the trap of Uchumi where new stores eat into old store sales. There are now two Nakumatt’s on Ngong Road (within two kilometres of each other. And with two Nakumatt’s on Kenyatta Avenue and signs of a third one going up on Moktar Daddah street (between Jevanjee and K street), to be known as “Nakumatt Lifestyle”, there will be three Nakumatt’s in downtown Nairobi within a square kilometre of each other.

Kenya losing the peace dividend in Sudan: The Sunday Standard (Feb 6) identified how in-fighting and incompetence at the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs will lead to Kenyan companies losing business opportunities in the new Sudan to other countries. Britain and Denmark now have liaison offices in Southern Sudan, and South Africa has launched a massive program to bring their businesspeople to both Khartoum and Rumbek.

EABL cross-listing: East African Breweries, who are the pre-eminent presence on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, have announced plans to also be listed on the Dar es Salaam stock exchange in a few months. Kenya Airways was the first company to do this, late in 2004, and its’ stock price doubled within weeks as Tanzanian investors bought into the stock. Will this happen to EABL? They did a 5:1 stock split late in 2004 that made their high-flying share price (500+ shillings a share) more affordable. It now trades at about 100 shillings/share.