Ethanol for Kenya Part II

Thank you for the very informative links, responses, comments, and tips from yesterday’s post on ethanol for Kenya

Some highlights
Kenyan Pundit on ethanol production efforts in Southern Sudan and our archaic sugar sector (linked by AfroM)
Mashatall for mentioning in Sasol in South Africa is minting crazy chums selling ethanol
Anonymous for the link to dogwood energy which included a do-it-yourself (DIY) guide to make ethanol at home
Persona for noting that Muhoroni’s Agrochemical & Food Co. and other local companies have been producing Ethanol in Kenya for years – and for noting that all the cheap ‘whiskies’ and ‘vodkas’ that we have contain it
ChumviKiasi for mentioning that switchgrass is the most efficient bio fuel crop

Great Resource
This post from Timbuktu Chronicles contains references to a DIY ethanol kit, how to use solar power to make ethanol, and how to run a petrol engine on ethanol, among others.

More applied brewing
Sierra Brassiere is a Nairobi restaurant / micro brewery located next to the Panari Hotel (on Mombasa Rd.) that brews and sells two in-house beers (sierra blonde and sierra amber) @ 120 shillings per glass – and if you are there on the right day, you can even get a factory tour of the micro brew process.

– From geishablog a simple guide to how Sake is made in Japan.

4 thoughts on “Ethanol for Kenya Part II

  1. sassy

    It is very interesting how you can get information from people. For starters i knew zilch about renewable and alternative energy sources-but now i can say i have the information thanks to your blog is very informative

  2. The Rant

    I read an article on how France and Italy are buying surplus wine to convert to ethanol. Obviously, subsidizing this industry in their countries, as more good wines are being produced in Australia and America (dollar cheap)creating a competitive wine market in Europe. competition is

  3. Mashatall

    Thanks to you Banks for creating a media Niche for us, where we are able to interact and share views and enlighten each other. Just read the latest wired magazine, and one article was commenting on the way old media (newspapers,magazines,TV) are being threatened by new media outlets like You tube, myspace, craigslist etc. It seems like the power of the media outlets is being diluted by alternantive sources like blogs, where the news is not biased and twisted (spin-doctored) to fit particular ideologies or push hidden agendas on wananchi. So this blog gives us the freedom to express our feelings on different subjects, and thanks to you it serves us really well and i have used it over time as a research tool for my investments. Thanks Banks for the blog, best thing you ever did !!!
    About switchblad being the cheapest alternative? i stand corrected but i thought sugar was actually the cheapest in terms of production costs?

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