Were MP’s pregnant?

Parliament resumes today after a three-month recess. What other job gives you a three-month holiday every year? You have to get pregnant every year or be a primary school student to achieve that. I don’t mean to give our MP’s any more ideas, but here’s what their colleagues in the European Parliament get:

– Has 732 members, many of whom say that they have problems with the benefits, but in the meantime, they deposit the checks.
– Travel expenses: members are reimbursed at the highest economy price, meaning that a Finnish member could receive about 10 times the cost of the trip.
– Generous pension plan: any member over 60 who has served at least five years about $1,500 a month.
– No ban on relatives working as Parliament aides, and relatives of at least two-dozen members do.
– Taxi allowances
– Free car service to take them from the airport to the Parliament building.
$6,000-a-year payment for language lessons in addition to two free flights to European countries for members who want to take immersion lessons.
– Daily expense stipends, even on days when no official business is conducted.
– Daily stipend of $314 a day that members get when the Parliament is in session.
– Most benefits are tax-free.
– When the benefits are added up, a Parliament member on the low end of the pay scale, who earns $40,000 a year, can bring in benefits worth three times that.