Media Bias: Bad for Democracy

Alleged presidential speech writer, and advisor, Jean Njeri Kamau says there is “a carefully orchestrated campaign of disinformation designed to make the current presidency and power networks appear to be illegitimate.”

2 thoughts on “Media Bias: Bad for Democracy

  1. Kenyan Pundit

    The link to the story is not working. Jean Kamau is hardly qualified to be a speechwriter, I had the opportunity to review at least one report that she had worked on for the government and it was so shoddily written. She’s supposedly best buddies with Njoki Ndung’u and is able to take advantage of Njoki’s “politically correct” status to garner all sorts of consultancies esp. with the O-P’s office (when Murungaru when in charge).

  2. bankelele

    link not working. will mail you the article. Standard and Nation have ben having trouble with their archives and search engines of late.

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