Urban inflation index

Litre of fuel 74.29 shillings (+1.8%)
a year ago: 72.99

Maize meal (2 kg. unga) 50 shillings (-7.4%)
a year ago: 54

Sugar (2 kg. Mumias pack) 150 shillings (+30%)
a year ago: 115

Tusker beer: 100 shillings at local (-9%)
a year ago: 110

Safaricom promotion: Saasa – with 8 shillings per minute calls during off peak hours
a year ago: bamba 50 – low denomination airtime top up card costing 50 shillings

US Dollar exchange rate: 69.97 shillings (-2.4%)
a year ago: 71.69

7 thoughts on “Urban inflation index

  1. coldtusker


    Price of sukari should fall with good rains & improved productivity… unless demand shoots up!

    The benefits of much cheaper petrol will only start IF the government reduces taxes!

    Maize prices are likely to rise as corn is in short supply in the US.

  2. propaganda

    I highly doubt US corn prices will affect Kenya maize. We produce more than we eat, so Government — through NCPB — must buy from farmers (who usually cannot afford to store it) to prop up the price around harvest time. This year, the price was Sh1,300. Oversupply forces desperate farmers to sell to millers/speculators at Sh1,000 and below.

    The price may rise when supply falls (months after harvest) but this will have nothing to do with US corn which only affects corn prices in the Americas. (Subsidies, NAFTA, animal feed, ethanol, long story too little time).

  3. Odegle

    wonderful analysis, basics well covered, how do u quantify tear on vehicles due to worsened roads, cost of maintenance etc, would be interesting. looks like safaricom has caught up as a basic need alongside beer (lol)

  4. pesa tu

    Yep, in spite of what the Economist policy guys say life for the cost of living is going up.
    This week’s post on my blog is on the same topic

  5. bankelele

    mwasjd: good to see phone rates coming down. I expect Safaricom to combat Celtel’s Uhuru by March

    coldtusker: Sugar has really shot up, though some trader/importer mischief is alleged. what was suprising is how fuel costs are absorbed by the companies. (hitting Kenol % Total shares)

    propaganda: likewise out maize prices are localy influenced (and not beyond COMESA)

    Odegle: IMHO spare parts prices not realy changed, but because of bad roads, we have to buy them a bit more often (depending on how often or hard one drives a car)

    pesa tu: there are many measures, but i only picked 4 to track. nice read (yours)

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