Twitter Week: KQ Strike and Equity Profit Dips

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that is relly nifty for doing mini-posts, forwards and other remarks that (are on any subject) and are maybe not worthy of a full blog post. Here’s a summary of my week on Twitter:

– @coldtusker @kenentrepreneur the tea board of Kenya wishes to remind you that hawking of green tea leaf is
– Signed up too many usgov twitters to keep with #hilaryafrica. Will edit after her trip
– This is a good time for generator and diesel sale companies. I think there was a tax break for generator sales mentioned in uhuru’s June budget speech. No power last night, or this afternoon: will ignore the power ration schedule as a work of fiction KPLC. As bad as Nairobians complain about #KPLC the water crisis is of more concern
– R/T @shiroh the Stanchart diva trip is such a deal. $1,000 for 5 (shopping) days in South Africa for Ladies (incl, flights, hotels)
Ethiopian Airlines net profit was $118 million, revenue up 33% with new airbus & Boeing orders pending. R/T @Jellyfish78 Kenya Airways vs. Ethiopian Air on Youtube is an informative but nasty spat and Also Ethiopian Air to fly Addis-Mombasa (via Kilimanjaro)
– Diasporans giving up on Kenya
– Tahidi High tackles the mystery of paraffin in high school food
– On CitizenTV Delamere family shot live video in court and in jail. How? Still it’s a good spot light on the archaic judiciary. Delamere’s say Kenyatta family owns their dairy now while neighbours want to grab their 56 000 acre farm. Tom delamere testimony live – shot two dogs with two shots and denies he shot the man who died. How did ‘top lawyer’ tom ojiambo allow this?
– R/T @milonare Impunity starts with you, remember that when you cut in traffic and feel nothing. We reflect our leaders #fractals #Kenya
Barclays Kenya raising credit card rates to 3.0% (up from 2.5%) from next month
– r/t @mainat Banks have reduced lending not because of interest rates but poor prospects of recovering loans in an economy that has stalled
– @rookieKE if you bank with consolidated, you can transfer cash from A/C to Mpesa using your phone
– You can get to the top of KICC Nairobi for $2… (Though I believe Times Tower is higher)
– r/t @highwayafrica09 Call for Nominations – SABC-Highway Africa New Media Awards. See
– R/T @LarryMadowo FYI Equity Bank H1 PBT down 15% on one-off transaction last yr related 2 Safaricom IPO, Q2 profits up 25%
– Blog job: write about blogging, social networking & social media from Asia, MidEast and African countries
– R/T @kachwanya TEAMs shareholders seem to be the confused – there is no onward connectivity between Europe and Dubai, where TEAMS ends!
– Kenya stockbrokers association (KASIB) launched investor education handbook today
– So @kachwanya @kainvestor, Nairobi City Council earns 14sh ($0.2) for every flyer tossed out of a car window?
– R/T @alykhansatchu #Kenya new 234 item price basket will track mobile-#cellular and computers charges & #camel meat #inflation
– So many aviation colleges in Nairobi with unemployed graduates, these (striking)@kenyaairways workers should know this
– Spent 15min at Nakumatt queue while some afro-diplomats paid for groceries with us $. Their exchange rate is KES72 =$
– COTU’s Francis Atwoli is going to brag about ending the #KQ strike, and coming through for workers.

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