Tuju Da Vinci

No credit?

It seems former communications minister Raphael Tuju forgot/neglected to gazette the merry-go-round appointments of Sammy Kirui (CCK Director-General to Telkom Kenya MD) and John Waweru (Telkom Kenya MD to CCK DG). Their appointments have now been sambazed in by the new information and communications minister, Mutahi Kagwe, seven months later.

What’s the word

I am finally reading the Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, which appears on most peoples favourite book lists. So far it’s a great story and I am now around the part that takes place in a Swiss bank vault in Paris and has a mysterious funds transfer from the Vatican Bank.

The story reminded me of a book I read many years ago – The Word, by Irving Wallace, which was about the search for a mysterious scroll purported to be a first-hand account of the life of Jesus Christ (including his missing years from age 12 – 30) that was written by his brother James.

7 thoughts on “Tuju Da Vinci

  1. Stunuh Jay

    Whoo hoo I’m first I’m first.
    Davinci is a great story with very little substance. As far as a mysterious who dunnit goes he’s research is lacking…Highly lacking.

  2. Prousette

    From your post title I thought tuju had turned artistic..lol
    Da Vinci Code:Read on it is a lovely story well told I have read it more than twice.

  3. bankelele

    Stunuh Jay: I don’t think the book has much real life context, but I will read the author’s comments on his web site after I am done.

    Prousette said: so far, so good, but I think the you should now look for ‘The Word’ (old and rare book)

  4. Mignon

    good choice of book. true or not, it makes for a great controversy theory and can’t wait for the movie to come out this year. star is tom hanks, directed by ron howard….watch out for it.
    when you’re done reading it and you love it, you might wanna read “angels and demons” which is sort of like a prequel (although it has almost nothing to do with da vinci but features langdon). it’s a great science vs. religion book….enjoy!

  5. Kibet

    Some of my christian buddies think its a controversy that shld be prayed against & defeated (SHINDWE!) in Jesus name for confusing innocent (slightly ignorant?) believers. Some guys are actually hoping that movie backfires before its release or just doesn’t receive as much fuss as ‘The Passion’.

    I on the other hand, think its interesting fiction. I’d love to read both Da Vinci and Angels & Demons again.

  6. bankelele

    kuoasan; didn’t notice, must be a typo. Also note that 3 years is not guaranteed (despite perfromance contract signed by between MD’s and Government) and they can be fired at any time by Ministers or Muthaura.

    cute_angel: Almost done with book, I should have a verdict by next week. Ron Howard makes good drama movies, so will see how it turns out.

    Kibet: We’ll see about the movie. Many people though Mel Gibson was crazy when he financed and made his ‘Passion of Christ’ movie but he made a fortune on it.

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