Progressive Banking

Progressive ATM’s
One way of beating the long queues and over-the-counter fees at banks is by operating an account at a bank whose ATM’s enable customers to perform all the basic bank transactions – (i) make withdrawals, (ii) check balances (iii) place deposits and (iv) make transfers – at ATM’s, preferably at no extra charge.

These Bank ATM’s allow deposits
Diamond Trust
Equity Bank
National Bank of Kenya
– NIC aka MOVE
– Standard Bank (Stanbic)
Standard Chartered

ATM’s don’t accept deposits
Co-operative Bank
Kenya Commercial Bank
– Kenswitch network (EABS, CBA, Consolidated, I&M, Transnational, others)
– Pesa Point network (various banks)

Schools’ footnotes
– In January, some of the most popular/in demand people to know are school headteachers, teachers, members of school’s board of governors and other educationists – who are all called upon by thousands of parents seeking to place their children in coveted and affordable schools.

– Also, girls in Kenya have a huge advantage over boys after sucessfully completing their primary school education. This is because high schools for girls have for many years received an inordinate amount of support (financial, buildings, other) compared to high schools for boys. As a result, girls who pass their standard 8 exams have many more national and quality high schools to choose from compared to boys.