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I have Quicken on my PC but I have been on the look out for a web based free tool to track my expenses. I came across this timely post from lifehacker from which I discovered buxfer and clearcheckbook.

Both sites meet my expectations and are great tools for creating and tracking budgets & spending, though so far I prefer clearcheckbook because it is quite similar to quicken, while buxfer is more appropriate for group spending and shared resource tracking.

beauty of 2.0: Both sites added Kenya shillings within 12 hours of my emailing them this request and I am now able to see where most of my weekly money goes.

Another list of budgeting and financial resources.

Local Opportunities


from the daily papers this week

Investment officer at Agence française de développement (AFD). Apply through PWC at by 9/3 (Ref ESS 409)

Amity software IT professional (.net, SAP, java, oracle DBA, data warehouse, QA) to work in USA. Apply online by 18/2

Financial advisors / financial planning manger at British American Asset Managers. Apply to by 28/2

Assistant manager sales & marketing at the carnivore. Apply to by 22/2

Associates at Deloitte consulting: (must have 10 years consulting and work experience). Apply to by 5/3

Regional communications officer at IUCN. Apply to by 7/3

Kencall: senior account managers, trainee managers, human resource manager, experienced recruiter, telesales representatives, customer care tele agents, and (IT) project coordinators. Apply online.

Kenya Airways: product & in-flight services manager, marketing services & advertising manager, catering & duty free manager, in flight product executive, corporate branding executive, corporate card executive, flying blue service centre manager, CRM product & service manager, customer care manager, corporate communications manager. Apply to the group HRD 19002 Nairobi by 27/2

– CRM & E-commerce data analyst, cargo capacity & revenue executive, systems administrator, project coordinator (civil engineer). Apply to the group HRD 19002 Nairobi by 2/23

Kenya wine agencies limited: Tax accountant, Internal audit assistant. Apply to HRM 40550-00100 by 28/2

lake Victoria regional authorities cooperation: information & communications officer, project assistant. Apply to by 24/2

Business development & marketing specialist at Land O’Lakes. apply to lolkenya@landolakes by 23/2

chief financial officer at Must garment corporation. Apply to

Property Manager at Safaricom. D/L 23/2

Simba colt motors: financial controller, senior accountant, internal auditor. Apply to by 2/3

Suntra investment bank: Managers – investment banking, research & development manager. Apply through manpower associates p o box 50736-00200 Nairobi by 26/2

Sales professional at UAP insurance for Uganda Sudan and Kenya. Apply to

Unicef: Writers/editors on children’s issues, photographers, artist & illustrators on children’s issues. Apply to by 9/3

6 thoughts on “Track your spending

  1. JabaBoeku

    I have been tracking my expenses for 3-years running now! Together with my close pal, we designed & developed a custom-made application that just works for us.

    The benefits have been tremendous (managed to cut down on excessive costs, rationalised my spending, saved &invested more).

    Was recently checking out Ms. Money 2007 which is quite good, great features and consolidation of all your finance aspects.

    Will def. review Quicken and see what it has.

    Advice: Even without applications /web, simple mighty Excel will just do it!

  2. Anonymous

    hi, I downloaded MoneyManager by my phone, which makes simple records of daily transactions. I find it much handier coz I almost always have my phone and so will more likely record the transaction when I do it rather than at the end of the day, and it has a provision to email these transactions for the month to your email either in CSV format or Excel.

  3. JabaBoeku

    Its a nefty application that I use to record my daily expenses.
    key features include:
    1. Expense tracking per category. Analysis is by date, period or category.
    2. Ability to Self-define expense categories e.g. meals, transport, investments, capital expenditure.
    3. Budget module: One can define monthly budget amount per category. Analysis is by %month remaining vis-a-vis budget amnt remaining
    4. SACCO module for tracking my sacco contributions.
    5. Banking module for bank accounts tracking
    6. Investments module
    7. Purchase list – keep track of items planned/purposed to buy – good list that has many a time prevented me form purchasing smthing I dont entirely need.
    8. Loan module: Loan repayments tracking.
    9. Module to keep track of extra (side) income.
    10. Multi-user log in.

  4. Adrian

    thanks for the good links for tracking expenses. i’m now back to student life and definitely need to keep track of expenses. will make sure to check them out…

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