To Quote

Dr. Martin L. King quote I found on ESPN: “A man that doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything.”

How to say “no comment” in Kenya: “The matter is in court and therefore sub judice” – Latest to use the phrase is Dr Alfred Mutua when asked to comment on the legality of the opposition members being brought into the government.

3 thoughts on “To Quote

  1. Deno

    lol That Mutua fellow has always made my day…Cant believe he has survived the media thus far.

    BTW I know u use a custom feed reader to follow ur blogs of interest, (could never sort out my RSS feed completely) , so kindly check out, my lil pet project.

  2. daktari

    ..Read that Mutua was expanding his office to take up a whole floor in a govt building.What do those oafs do?In the country where roadside directives are the norm what is his mandate?I stopped reading too much kenyan news to keep my blood pressure down..

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