KTN: Asleep at the wheel

KTN (Kenya Television Network), Kenya’s leading news station, has made two programming errors in the last two days that have greatly disappointed me:

(1) They ran some new show in place of the Sopranos on Monday night. They are right in the middle of showing Season 3 of the Soprano’s – and with no notice, they ran some drama program (i think it was about a deaf FBI agent – I was too traumatized to remember the name, or even watch) Shame!

(2) This morning, they were showing CNN as usual, and the New Airbus 380 was lined up on the runway, about to take off on its maiden flight. 5 minutes before this historic flight, someone at KTN flipped the channel away from CNN and they showed a comedy (again I am too shocked to remember the name – it has some smart kid who drives his parents mad). I changed to Sky News who showed the plane taking off until it flew into the horizon before they resumed their normal news – and BBC did the same things also (shown on KBC). Nation TV and Citizen get a pass because they were already showing something else, but some producer at KTN consciously cut out this once in a lifetime viewing experience. Damn, Shame!

4 thoughts on “KTN: Asleep at the wheel

  1. Deno

    haha..Much as I enjoy ‘malcolm in the middle'(show with the smart kid) – that is a major NONO cutting through the airbus flight..its supposed to be the biggest launch of a commerical airliner since 1969 concorde flight!! Need to get back into TV…I dont watch anything these days..

  2. Aizoh

    I think KTN is losing on its viewers and so it better start to jumpstart its programming or else…………..

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