Rant: Change the Channel

Next Friday, we are having a talk on AIDS – again! This may be the third this year, as there’s one every quarter. That’s because the company has committed (and arranged) for employees to receive these talks and the Ministry of Health can afford to send people out to give such talks. Or there’s a there’s a huge donor funding for HIV programs that the government has ample capacity to spend

I am not diminishing the impact, significance, or message about HIV but what about malaria? I’m sure it causes more deaths than HIV. It’s not just expectant or new mother who need lessons in malaria. What about cancer – ok its breast cancer awareness month? Cholesterol, high blood pressure & hypertension, pneumonia, and other diseases that also wipe out thousands of young people? Cirrhosis and the dangers of drunk driving! Any why it always about VCT’s not full medical checks – for cancer, high blood pressure etc? The kind of stuff people use Capital FM and other radio stations to promote new hospitals & equipment.

This rant should be directed at the personnel manager, but he’ll only come up with programs that fund themselves so we’ll continue to hear about HIV since that is FREE and funded.

I’d like to have more workplace talks that address overall health problems, beyond HIV, or assuming we are all healthy how about some internal uplifment though a fulfilling enlightening talk on money? – advice on investments, real estate, small business, opportunities, and entrepreneurship.

Isn’t there government funding or a donor package for that? Or is that left to AID workers in rural areas only?

6 thoughts on “Rant: Change the Channel

  1. don

    I was listening to BBC today. Kenya is starting to suffer the curse of developed nations.

    Diabetes kills the same amount of poeple as AIDS. Yet gets 1/10 the focus. On the rise becausee eating chips and burgers is considered a lifestyle of the wealthy. Anybody care to ges what will be the main killer in the next 10/15 years… hint obesity and heart desease.

    Breast cancer growth is highest in African countries. Yet women consider it a curse and never speak of it. Not to mention cervical cancer (do people know ther is a vacine for that?)

    Just as we are getting passed the “food” problem, here comes another punch.

    And the last, I predict divorse rate will go through the roof in 5-15 years as mama’s get more wealth and just “don’t have to take it”.

    Hey venting right!

  2. Per Kurowski

    There are risks in shying away from risks

    Friends and development experts, would you please comment on the following

    When the Bank Committee of Basel decided on the minimum capital requirements methodology they loaded up new expenses on the credits already more expensive because they were perceived to be of higher risks and this resulted in the introduction of a regulatory bias against risk taking in the commercial banking sector.

    It is indeed sad when a developed nation decides making risk-adverseness the primary goal of their banking system and shies away from risks and places itself voluntarily on a downward slope, but it is a real tragedy when developing countries copycats them and also fall into the trap of calling it quits.

    More from this perspective on http://www.subprimeregulations.blogspot.com/

  3. d

    well im a practising physician and i can come talk to you guys about hypertension and malaria
    yes,thats true.there’s been so much focus on HIV but the steadily rising conditions here are high blood pressure and diabetes
    my email is d_cabry@yahoo.com

  4. Prousette

    We have had two HIV AIDS related seminars this year at my workplace there is one next week on malaria and TB.
    I too ask the same question; there are things we need to learn that would be just as useful. I do not doubt the effect of the HIV related stuff but how about self defense, financial management etc not only health and specifically AIDS. Am getting saturated!

  5. bankelele

    don: These modern lifestyle disease are on the increase, though its good that local doctors (pricey) are able to treat them

    pesa tu: shame really, because they are silenly stalking our vibrant young leaders

    d: thanks for the tips

    Prousette: do we work in the same office? ;-> I really am going to ask the personnel people to change the channel

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