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Rant: Change the Channel

Next Friday, we are having a talk on AIDS – again! This may be the third this year, as there’s one every quarter. That’s because the company has committed (and arranged) for employees to receive these talks and the Ministry of Health can afford to send people out to give such talks. Or there’s a there’s a huge donor funding for HIV programs that the government has ample capacity to spend

I am not diminishing the impact, significance, or message about HIV but what about malaria? I’m sure it causes more deaths than HIV. It’s not just expectant or new mother who need lessons in malaria. What about cancer – ok its breast cancer awareness month? Cholesterol, high blood pressure & hypertension, pneumonia, and other diseases that also wipe out thousands of young people? Cirrhosis and the dangers of drunk driving! Any why it always about VCT’s not full medical checks – for cancer, high blood pressure etc? The kind of stuff people use Capital FM and other radio stations to promote new hospitals & equipment.

This rant should be directed at the personnel manager, but he’ll only come up with programs that fund themselves so we’ll continue to hear about HIV since that is FREE and funded.

I’d like to have more workplace talks that address overall health problems, beyond HIV, or assuming we are all healthy how about some internal uplifment though a fulfilling enlightening talk on money? – advice on investments, real estate, small business, opportunities, and entrepreneurship.

Isn’t there government funding or a donor package for that? Or is that left to AID workers in rural areas only?

You are not me

You know it’s time to change your bank when you have to line up before the bank doors open and are stuck in a barely moving line for the next 30 minutes after it opens – as the tellers are too few and the processing system is slow.

But that’s what you get for cheap banking especially with their foreign exchange dealing and processing charges so low & attractive.