New month, new hopes

seeking bloggers: Mediation talks are going on in Nairobi, and we hope for a better month than January. The last post I did was on winners – one of whom was Kenyans online who have been inspired by the political crisis to start blogging. I’d like to add new bloggers to the blog roll (the list on the right, below the advertisements) – an update of the list is long overdue and some blogs there have since become dormant. Regular readers are invited to submit any interesting blogs they have found (and which are likely to be running for the next few months at least) and I may do a write up of them

Other opportunities
most from the daily papers this week

TED Africa registration opens today

Import finance: the Government of Japan has through Kenya’s ministry of finance come forward with a 1.5 billion yen (884 million shillings) facility for Kenyan businesses to import raw materials and finished goods from Japan. Applications are on a first come, first served basis, minimum amount is 5 million shillings, maximum 40 million ($560,000) ; terms are down payment of 10% and finance is up to 90% to be repaid over 1 year and secured by a bank guaranteed. Info is from crown agents (

Ford foundation scholarships: The 7th round of the Ford foundation international fellowships program is up and running. 48 scholarships are available to Kenyans – details online and D/L is 7/3
– Credit analysts at Africa trade insurance company
Consolidated bank: branch manager, credit manager, credit admin manager, credit analysts. Apply though snail mail by 15/2
– Regional learning & development coordinator at Deloitte. Apply to
KCB: divisional director HR – apply through hawking associates by 11/2. Also investigators (frauds-forensics) and head of central services. Apply to by 8/2
Kenya Airways: Ramp Bus Operator,
Sales & Ticketing Agent, Multilingual In-Flight Attendant, Customer Service Agent, Qualified Pilots
Nimble Africa: industry experts (hospitality, financial, retail). Apply to by 10/2
Safaricom: Area sales representative, M-PESA new business sales officer. D/L is 6/2
Standard group: financial & commercial services director, group managing editor. Apply through PWC at by 15/2.
USIU; management accountant, financial accountant. Apply to by 15/2
– Independent financial advisors at Winton investments: Apply to

11 thoughts on “New month, new hopes

  1. Anonymous


    this is my first post. just a suggestion..

    u previously had some more kenyan financial /investments-related sites.. but looks like uv deleted them?

    they gave ur site a refreshing angle and source for inv information.. (more like the way mjengakenya does.)

    4 kenyans like us in diaspora (perth, australia) these sites kept us in the know. nway, maybe its just me, but u may wanna consider loadin ’em back.. at least the gud (updated) ones.

    chalo mate!

  2. bankelele

    Stephen: whats your blog?

    W.C. Varones: Thanks for the Deloitte post on ‘safe’ housing

    pesa tu: thanks for the link, that’s a very intersting blog

    Anon: I have not deleted any financil blogs from the roll. The bank links are still there, but what I removed were some US sites which I felt are too mainstream to be listed here. i also consolidated the Kenyan and other African-related ones

    Anon2: keep creditkenya going for more than a month, and i’ll keep reading and linking

  3. Anonymous

    hey banks..

    u had some great links on local investment grps? gr8 insights.

    may peace prevail at hme.
    chalo matie!

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