Bloggers and forums

tribes & stocks: The recent closure of the popular mashada forums could easily have spilt over to the popular shares forum Stocks Kenya had the administrators not put out an appeal for Peace and Reconciliation in Kenya;

We have reduced focus on politics in the discussion forum as the forum it has been abused.

Thankfully it has maintained its tone for corporate and investment issues where the hot discussion topic is now East African Cables, not politics

And Mashada regulars are invited to visit ihavenotribe instead.

Media blogs: The Standard quietly added a blog page with star commentators late last year but without much fanfare and they are not given any prominence on the front page of the newspapers’ website. At least hen the Nation launched their blog page they ran a few columns in the paper itself to promote the feature.

Salute: To Afromusing for a small mention in the Economist on twittering.