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  1. Anonymous

    Posting results is a good idea. However they need to make ths site more secure (students should get a PIN like you said). I just went to it http://www.examscouncil.or.ke clicked “Examination Results” on the bottom left, picked KCSE from the drop down menu and as long as one has a center nuumber for a school (easily available), one can check everyone’s results one by one starting with index number 001!

  2. Anonymous

    Just checked it again, 5 hrs later it seems they now know there’s a problem, no results currently available online…

  3. WM

    What’s this I hear about some paper being used to wrap meat five days in advance of the exam in Kitengele? Lakini we are advanced at advancement….
    Just wanted to say howdy, B., and to coin a phrase….keep on keeping on!

  4. bankelele

    WM: there are always stories about leakage, especially when unexpected schools do very well. Still, re-cycled paper can contain some vital info.

    anonymous: keep checking & updating

  5. Anonymous

    It appears there are different sites one can use to view results (am I obsessing or what…KCSE time even over 10 years ago was completely traumatizing!!). Go to http://mail.education.go.ke:8010/KCSE/Index.htm
    In the field that says “Secondary School”, just fill in the school name, e.g. Alliance and hit “Go” The whole school’s results will be displayed. So much for privacy!

  6. Anonymous

    Results have nothing to do with privacy they are for comparison and the info is never for your personal use but for others to grade you or judge where you fall under ,this isnt a bank account number and they have always been public ,i think all this fear is a case of change we never seem to like change

  7. dharma

    wsap why dont you make our work easier just help us open the site easily we are trying but it tells us timed out
    please help us

  8. Anonymous

    Can i realy please get my results 2day.-Concerned student.Why do you give us a site and you cant deliver,i’m dying of anxiety.

  9. Anonymous

    kwani ni kujuana ama namna gani?. i have been frustrated trying to get my sisters results. Why do u discriminate other schools?. suggestion is that post all the results on the web before u release them.

  10. Anonymous

    kwani ni kujuana ama namna gani?. i have been frustrated trying to get my sisters results. Why do u discriminate other schools?. suggestion is that post all the results on the web before u release them.

  11. Anonymous

    YOU GUYS GET SERIOUS! you give us an easy way to get our results then end up to a no go zone, practically wonderfull!!!

  12. Anonymous

    here in Sweden the results were available only for two hours today. No doubt the results are there but the website has an incompetent server.

  13. Anonymous

    The website cannot help us get the results! Is it a case of incompetence? or just a marketing gimmick?

  14. Anonymous

    Whats up with the results net tried immedietly they were announced but cant get a response its like the skull has not bin posted.MR MINISTER FANYA MAMBO

  15. Anonymous

    It seems there is something wrong with the computer literates in the ministry.So how can a student verify the results which take about 5hr to be responded through the sms yet the site can’t log?

  16. Anonymous

    whats up with not posting the results its not like people are going to deduct the grade one got or change B TO D.this is like sooo damn for the KNEC.
    CMON POST THA RESULTS AND stop waiting for them to hatch in you offices and desks????!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    pin ni ya kazi gani?
    do you know that there are people who specialize in CRACKING of those pin’s.
    there is no need post the results so that we know our peoples status .and mind you give us a site that works.

  18. Anonymous

    get me all the results for the year 2004. why do you only care about the kcse candidates of 2008?. please do me a favour and post kcse results for 2004 very fast.

  19. Anonymous

    Guys Why dont you post results speedily? we need to know whether our children are proceeding to high school or not.

    School fees aint easy to come by.

    Fanyeni kazi yenu haraka.

  20. Anonymous

    the exam council site is just a show of incompetence and sketchy work that is done in the govt. i cant even view results from 2006 and i cant post a comment, cant contact them, cant view the FAQs but the board of directors is all grey haired; what do they know about computers?

  21. Anonymous

    students are eager to know their results and then everyone i the office starts introducing themselves!who cares we all know yhat a lengthy speech from the minister and everyone else will follow.THIS HAS TO STOP.Save the poor lads and lasses the long wait!

  22. Anonymous

    Are you guys being realistic?You are killing us out of anxiety…stop the fake ‘RESULTS ARE OUT’headlines and save us from the long useless speeches.HELLOOO,GIVE US OUR DAMN RESULTS…as i can see,you arent part of the result’s resolution!

  23. Anonymous

    Why do you KNEC staff announce annually that you have activated the Technical results on the web yet since 2007 you have nothing to show for it.i am extremely disgusted by your discouraging efforts to make trainees have void eagerness

  24. Geoffrey

    I request KNEC committee in future to post exams in various center codes just like online registration to reduce this congestion which is costing us for nothing.

  25. Anonymous

    Just spent hours searching and can’t find anything.Will knec tell us what is happening?If you are unable just say it.Very frustrated!!!

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