Help improve the business climate

You (the public) are invited to comment/recommend which of the 1,300+ licences required of businesses in Kenya should be deleted or simplified. E-mail your views to by December 2 and a complete list of licenses can be accessed on page 5 of this link.

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Start a Bank in Kenya
The Central Bank of Kenya has published an updated list of new prudential guidelines that cover the licensing of banks and which ensure that depositors funds are safeguarded.

Future banking trends
According to IBM, key trends that will drive global banking in the future will include;
– Customers taking control
– Specialized niche competitors
– A new workforce
– Regulated transparency
– Sharply focused technology

High flyer
Here’s a summary of a 2004 report which ranked Kenya Airways as the 7th most profitable airline in the world. An extensive report on KQ’s recent performance appeared (amid the referendum dust) in the Nation on Tuesday.

Cashing Out
Top shareholder are cashing in their gains at the Nairobi Stock Exchange including one Kapchorua’s top 3 – selling 480,000 shares at 170 shillings (81.6m) and one of Barclays top 10 shareholders – selling 600,000 at 265 shillings (159m).

New court
In an update to the residents lawsuit against the Nairobi City Council, a valuation court has now been set up to hear objections in about 8,500 cases raised by tax payers to the new rates. It was quietly gazetted by the Minister for Local Government in September, comprises 10 members (10 members – 3 lawyers, 4 valuers, 3 professionals) and will begin sitting from December 6th at City Hall, Nairobi.


Country manager at Africa Now (enterprising solutions) based in Kisumu. Apply by December 2 at and check for further details at their site.

Paralegals – 13 positions at the Legal Resources Foundation Trust (LRF), to work at prisons in Nairobi, Thika, Kitale, Nakuru, Kisumu and Meru for 6 months beginning in January ‘06. Applicants should have certificate in paralegal/human rights training from a reputable institution, diploma in community development or social work and at least one year’s experience in community or social work, among others. Apply to by November 25.

3 thoughts on “Help improve the business climate

  1. Anonymous

    thanks bankelele for the job advertising. Would you also consider giving us lower levels of professions other than the senior positions.

  2. Bukusu


    He he he, IBM is so full of it, I work for a Bank in the US and they came on site to push this stuff – i consider it Crapolla as they keep saying “by 2015 ….”

    IBM is a company thats trying to push Software, Hardware and Services and what they say may or may not be true for 2006 …. but is not true for IBM as a company. I dont think this rules are only true for a bank, they are true for any customer centric business

    can you tell a company to honestly plan for 2015 … thats 9 years away .. what about next quarter and SOX ?

    They are trying to reposition themselves, but I dont see companies buying AIX, DB2, Websphere and Tivoli that much

    IBM sells you software thats hard to use, you get very expensive stuff/consultants who also struggle and learn too much on the job

    IBM is GM like – they have to drop the dead weight and they may survive Open Source, Microsoft and other challenges


  3. Kibet

    Interesting to hear it from the horse’s mouth (IBM).

    What i don’t get is the new workforce. Is IBM begrudging their current workforce? Bukusu?

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