Career guide

Un-scientific career pointer list for this era.

Some hot careers (5+)

  • Human resource/performance management consultant
  • tax adviser/lawyer
  • land developer
  • teacher
  • sales

Some cold careers (4-)

  • wheeler dealers /brief case contractor
  • NGO official
  • real estate agent
  • political party official

4 thoughts on “Career guide

  1. Msanii_xl

    Have these people every though of having a face to face meeting before commiting such huge amounts of money?

    madness i say

  2. bankelele

    Mentalacrobatics: I think all private companies are looking to increase sales teams as the landscape is so competitive these days.

    Msanii_xl: EAPC has now run advertisements contradicting elements of the story and saying that the supplier is an established, viable, and repurtable entiyy.

  3. kuoasan

    I am working on a list of numerous gaffes the PATHETIC Kenyab business writers routinely make!

    They do not check their sources or proof the article and mislead the public!

    In Nov 29 2005’s Standard, Bryan Mbugua, on page 23 (print eidtion only)mentions that EABL had a 10:1 stock split. Tell the idiot to do his research coz KENOL had a 10:1 split! EABL had a 5:1 stock split after issuing a 1:5 bonus.

    My claim to fame was when Nation misrepresented the sale of the controlling interest in Williamson’s tea plantations in India.

    The fool aka author reported that the MD of Williamson (UK) made a public announcement that the controlling interest in Williamson Tea(Kenya) was being sold…

    So I shot an e-mail to Williamson (K) Company Secretary to enquire & lo & behold there was a tinny winny retraction by Nation in 2 days!

    Here is my e-mail to Wachira (Williamson Kenya’s Co. Sec)

    “Dear Mr. Wachira,

    Per the article on page 27 in the Nation (June 8 2005) headlined “Tea
    Firm Sells Kenya Shares for Sh2.9bn”, the indication is that the controlling interest in Williamson Tea Kenya has been “taken over or bought out” by the B.M. Khaitan Group.

    Please send me the official announcement of this sale/change in
    majority ownership & how it affects the minority shareholders.

    Please indicate whether the minority shareholders will have the
    opportunity to sell their shares at the same premium to B.M. Khaitan

    Thank you.”

    So Mr. Wachira e-mails me back…

    “Thanks for the enquiry.

    The said sale does not relate to the Williamson Tea Kenya companies as incorrectly reported in the press.

    Thank you.

    Wachira M M”

    Nation would not respond to my enquiries so I had to go thru Wachira of WTK…

    “Mr. Wachira,

    Thank you for your response.

    I tried to e-mail Nation editor but the e-mail address they have on their website is not valid which as a side note does not surprise me. I do not know what remedies there are when such a “respected” newspaper makes such egregious errors! Did anyone from their offices even bother to contact WTK to verify the story?

    Nevertheless, if Williamson Tea Kenya is anticipating a similar “change of controlling interest” I as a minority shareholder would like to me informed immediately as well be offered the ability to cash out at a premium previously solely given to the majority. OR as an alternate allow existing shareholders buy WTK shares from the Holding company.

    I would suggest you contact the Nation & have them run a correction.

    Thank you.”

    Then my (anon) 15 mins of fame… when Wachira did contact Nation who ran the tinny winny correction!

    “Thank you.

    Please refer to todays Nation which has a correction on the same story.


    BTW, this idiocy is an ongoing matter… How can profits “fall” 10 fold?

    Back to EABL-KENOL-Share Splits… so then he says the value of each share fell 10 time from 500 to 50/-. How does the value fall 10 times? Where did he learn his Math & English? The price would have fallen 90% not “10 times”…

    Anyway… I promise to share more of this idiocy at these 2 blogs

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