Google discovers the NSE

Google finance has begun covering the Nairobi Stock Exchange. It’s still in beta so it can only get better. Some information (mostly company managers) and financials are outdated, and it would be nice to see some blog contributions in addition to the news feeds like at Reuters Africa

Job & numbers

Citizen TV: 000’s are the reasons that several media stars have decamped to Citizen TV. For the KTN crew it was about playing one house against the other to raise the salary stakes before they moved on, but not for as much as they had hoped. For those left at KTN salary caps are now in order on a take it or leave it basis.

KCB: Deputy CEO Martin Oduor Otieno got elevated to lead KCB this month, despite the KCB board erroneously including a clause that CEO candidates should be under 50 years of age which the new MD is over by about a year.

Jobs available
most from the daily papers in the past week

African Development Bank: Research Economist, Senior Research Economist, Financial Management Specialist, Principal Environmentalist, Senior Gender Specialist, Principal Socio-Economist, Senior Statistician. Apply to by 10/4

Barclays: Direct sales agents (ref: DSA07), direct sales team leader (DSTL07) D/L is 30/3

Brand & technologies Limited: managing director, finance manager, commercial manager, logistics manager, procurement manager, internal audit manager, hr & admin manager, ICT manager, brand managers (4). Apply through Deloitte at by 6/4

Senior financial planning coordinator at Celtel . Apply to by 30/3

I & M Bank: Cashiers/Tellers, IS Security Administrator, ICT Management Trainees, Credit Administration Officer (Securities and Documentation), Credit Administration Officer (System Input and Maintenance), Credit Administration Officer (Monitoring and Control),

Young professionals (10) at KIPPRA. Details online and D/L is 20/4
– Also at KIPPRA – research consultants/associates, research assistant, editorial consultants in fields of macroeconomics, productive sector, private sector, social sector, infrastructure & economic service. Apply to by 20/4

Kenya Tea Development Authority: brand executive and a web administrator. Apply to by 10/4

Regional information & communication officer at Oxfam and D/L is 4/4

Senior Manager – Financial Systems & Analysis at Safaricom. D/L is 2/4

Management trainees at the Standard D/L is 11/4

World vision: Africa advocacy director, Africa Christian commitments director, and Africa communications director. Details online and D/L is 13/4
Also National Director, Uganda, Programme Director, North Sudan, Programme Director, Somalia. D/L is 20/4

4 thoughts on “Google discovers the NSE

  1. evakz


    I see lots of job adverts with age clauses (min, max). Can you say something about the feeling of the hiring managers on this age factor on hiring in Kenya, e.g Is it based on some proven data, or secret wisdom?

    Most successful states (the US, at least) it does not matter what your age is (for ages below 75) as long as you can perform.

    Should not companies in Kenya borrow from the US in this respect (their systems seem to work better than ours, after all)?

  2. Anonymous

    i agree with evakz – using age criteria in hiring is ridiculous should be made unconstitutional – actually reminds me of ads i use dto see in papers back in the day where they would specify race or even tribe.

    as fot google the NSE should give up on their site and ask google to partner with them as far as diseminating inofrmation

  3. propaganda

    Does anybody know what the going rate for a news anchor really is? The rumoured figures sound just fantastic (people getting paid much more than their bosses). Where has KTN capped the salaries?

  4. bankelele

    evakz: Age limits are not that unusual and it cuts off a good percentage of useless applications. But companies should be more creative e.g. some ads specify that to apply for the vacant CEO post, you should currently be (at least) a division manager or be earning ___ shillings

    propaganda:I hear KTN has capped them at 200k while citizen is paying the new team members 500 – 600k per month.

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