Easter Tourism

The first of two tourism fairs (the other one is held before the Christmas) was held at Sarit center last weekend. It is meant to cater for the Easter holidays and the low tourist season which runs from around April to July.

With many more airlines flying to Mombasa – Kenya Airways (KQ), Air Kenya, EA Safari, Fly 540, Jetlink, there are fewer bundled packages (air fare, and hotel stay)now offered. Still there was 2 nights at Travelers Hotel (half board) in conjunction with Fly 540 priced at 25,256 shillings ($361) for the low season, compared to 30,800 ($440) in other months. Also Leopard Beach resort which has been rather quiet on the marketing front has re-emerged with more affordable fares – a similar 2 night stay/flight package is priced for Fly 540 (26,540), KQ (26,700 i.e. $381) or Air Kenya (26,520)

There are also quite a few packages to Northern and Western Kenya – places like Baringo, Samburu and Saiwa Swamp (22 km from Kitale) in addition to more foreign packages been sold at the fair with destinations in Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa, Rwanda (to watch mountain gorillas) and Uganda (the new Kampala Serena), joining the usual Zanzibar and Dubai ones. These included honeymoon trips to the Kampala Serena at $420 per couple for 5 nights and another to Johannesburg & Cape Town for $2,400 per couple.

There were also some youth packages such as 2 nights/3 days camping at Masai Mara or Tsavo at 12,000 shillings ($171) p.p. from silver bird and a schools package (aimed at class trips) from Sarova to Shaba, Lion Hill or the Mara. (priced at about 60% discount)

Finally, Kenya Airways have a midweek to Dubai special at $500 for 2 tickets, while Emirates Airline (who were not at the fair) are said to have $160 ticket to Dubai that is used as a seat filler

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9 thoughts on “Easter Tourism

  1. MOS MOS

    Man, I am looking to flying to Kisumu sometime in early June, like 16th or 17th and I have looked for tickets online but can’t find any of the airlines’ website where I can make the purchase. As an insider in Kenya, would you offer me some advise on where would be the best place to find the tickets. Thanks.I live in the U.S and don’t know any agents in Kenya.

  2. Unyc

    PPle shld stop going to coast and head to western Kenya. They dont know what they r missing out on…
    This is a gd tyme 2 travel with reduced packages…the more the competition the better.

  3. coldtusker

    Kisumu needs to market itself as a destination just as cities in the USA & UK do…

    The “Big Apple” for the sights & sounds…

    San Diego pushes its beaches… not even as nice as Mombasa but the buildings are gorgeous.

    Chicago touts its architecture…

    London wants you to see Big Ben, Tower of London, etc…

    So why not Kericho for immersion in Tea?

    Kisumu for water (lake) sports?

  4. E-Nyce

    Yeah, well, when they start package tours highlighting the, ahem, special local flavor of the Octopus, Cosmos and Mon Ami (and that place on the 3rd or 4th floor with a pool table and sexy mood lighting, can’t remember exactly where), then book me in. Otherwise, Kisumu is really a pit-stop destination, someplace to hang on your way to somewhere else. Can’t imagine spending more than 3 days in that town, and the third day would be spent hanging in the Tusker Mattress? mall.

  5. Sue

    I was at the Sarit Exhibition too, but was marketting for Zanzibar. The most surprising thing is that in UG there was only one agency for this season… Am looking at the Get Away Expo in around November… The offers are quite competitive esp now, coz it’s low season for most companies.. It’s the best time to go… 🙂
    :. Just Sue.:

  6. bankelele

    Mos Mos: You’re better off using a travel agent for local flights, not the web. There are several good ones

    Unyc: Coast is coast, I can’t get enough of it. Maybe I should buy a house there and move down

    Coldtusker: There’s alot of marketing for Kakamega, Kitale, not so much for Kisumu. Maybe if there was a park there…. bu you’re right you can do a tea factory visit, lakeside lunch (fresh fish) at Dunga beach of hippo point, night out at Monami, then travel up to see snakes at Kakamega forest or across to Rusinga Island (home of Tom Mboya?)

    E-Nyce: never spent much time in Kisumu, but am sure locals would beg to differ and offer up more attractions that we are not aware of

    Sue: The sarit expo is gaining foreign representation each time. I wish I had seen the Uganda stand (only saw the Kampala Serena which is beyond my budget)

  7. E-Nyce

    Bank: I doubt your doubt – my list WAS provided by locals.

    If other locals want to step up and give more and better recommendations, step up they should. We are waiting.

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