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Jobs September 22

Extracted from the daily papers this week

Anon bank 1
Relationship manager and relationship officer(s). Apply by September 29 to Voucher TS/1870 P O Box 49990-00100 Nairobi

Anon bank 2
A general manager of operations, head of finance, and branch/divisional manager(s). Apply by 30 September to TS/1871 P O Box 49990-00100 Nairobi

A sales & marketing manager and sales executives (2) at Computer Pride. Apply to 6 October.

Audit senior(s) and a Company Secretary (head of legal) at HLB Zainash Consulting/HLB Ashvir. Apply to by 29 September

Kenya Human Rights Commission
A senior program officer (outreach) and a program officer (advocacy). Apply to

Centre director of Mpala Wildlife Foundation Apply through by 15 October

Training manager at Pan Africa Life Insurance. Apply to by October 6

Finance manager at Pricewaterhousecoopers. Apply to by 6 October.

Fundraising manager (FM/01/09) at SOS Children’s Village – Kenya. Apply through Deloitte at by October 6

September 17 Jobs

Communications manager at ActionAid International Kenya. Apply to by September 22.

Country sales manager (Ref CSM/06) at Cadbury (East & Central Africa). Apply through KPMG at by 29 September.

Catholic Relief Services: Technical advisor and a Regional information officer – both in Nairobi. Details at

Business development executives (2) at Dot Savvy. Apply to by September 20.

East African Breweries (EABL) is seeking sales strategy & operations manager, customer relations representative and a brand manager. Apply to by 22 September.

Chief executive at the East African Tea Trade Association. Apply to

General Manager at Easy Mobile. Apply to by October 6.

Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator East Africa at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Details at and D/L is 25 September.

Regional managers (3) and loan officers (10) at Kadet Ltd (a microfinance organization). Apply to by September 25.

Communications Manager at a not-for-profit organization in Sub Saharan Africa. Apply though Maer associates at by 26 September.

Marketing & operations manager at National Oil Corporation of Kenya. Details at and D/L is 27 September

General Manager (Individual Life) at Pan Africa Life. Apply to by 29 September.

Symphony IT company is seeking systems administrator, logistics coordinator and accounts assistants. Apply to by 22 September.

Chief operations officers at the Trust for African Rock Art. Apply to by 29 September.

UNIFEM (UN development fund for women) is seeking budget officer, monitoring & evaluation specialists (2), and program manager. Apply though UNDP at by October 2.

Media liaison officer at the Uraia (i.e. the Kenya National Civic Education Program). Apply through and details at by 29 September.

Procurement specialist at the World Bank Kenya. Apply to the country director Kenya P O Box 30577-00100 by 29 September

World Vision Kenya is seeking corporate communications manager, communications officer, PR & marketing officer, IT specialist, and child protection officers (2). Apply to by 29 September.

The Wrong Train

There are two (non KR) trains chugging through the KBW community doing roaring business, picking up passengers and cargo. Much as I’d rather be on the infamous Bilaz train, it seems I’ll be punching a ticket on the Unemployment train instead.

It’s back to another facet of life I’d rather not re-visit, as I dust off my CV and get some thick soled black Nike’s ready to hit the infamous Nairobi pavement.

On the upside, sometimes you need a punch in the gut to get started on a new track and this looks like one.

End of the blog?
Just two weeks ago I shared Steve Pavlina’s 10 reasons NOT to get a job!.

Bankelele has been a useful medium over the last 1 1/2 years through which I have learnt so much from interaction and sharing. I must say that what I blog about derives very little from my daily workload as a, sometimes Bank Hangman.

Tarmacking may reduce my contribution to the blog even as as I am trying to generate more revenue out of it from advertising and freelance writing.

I have received various offers on account of this blog in the last year – and if I has said no, I eat humble pie, and ask that you re-submit your earlier offers for discussion.

It is also likely that a new employer may insist on the end of this blog as part of a new contract. I’d urge them to let the blog continue or to roll it over into a new medium of their choice. If not, so be it.

July 28 Jobs

Advertised in the daily papers in the week ending on July 28

Research executives at AC Nielsen. Apply to by 2 August.

AG Chambers
– Special litigation counsel (10 posts) department of civil litigation
– Special prosecuting counsel (16 posts) department of public prosecutions
Apply to the secretary public service commission 30095-00100 Nairobi by August 9.

– Business analyst
– Corporate sales leader
Apply to by August 4.

Bus stewards/ stewardesses at Citi Hoppa. Deadline is August 11.

Finance manager at Dyer & Blair. Apply to by 10 August.

Travel consultants at Emirates Airlines. Check for details.

Family Health International
– Country manager S. Sudan
– Project officer S Sudan program support program
Apply to by 11 August.

Senior sales manager at Iwayafrica. Apply to

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights
– Senior human rights officer/legal counsel
– Human rights officer/assistant legal counsel
– Principal finance officer/financial controller
Apply by 11 August to

Internal auditor at Kenya Petroleum Refineries. Apply by 11 August to the HRM 90401 Mombasa.

Information technology manager at Kenya Railways. Apply by 14 August to the MD 30121-00100 Nairobi.

Narc Kenya
– Executive director
– Media communications, events officer
– Membership development & strategy officer
– Resource mobilization, finance & admin officer
– Accountant
Deadline is August 14.

Online sales manager at Nation Media Group. Apply to by July 28.

Managers at the Tamarind group. Apply to

International rule of law officer (s) at UNDP Sudan. Apply to by 8 August.

Transaction processing officer at the World Bank Sudan in Juba. Deadline is August 11.

Country director at World Relief. Apply to 10 August.

Internal auditor at World Vision Somalia. Apply to by August 2.

Friday Jobs

Most of these appear in Friday daily papers

– 50 bus drivers at Akamba public road services, apply at company.
– Also Chief financial officer/head of finance. Apply to July 21.

– Manager, group audit & risk. Apply to by 21 July.
– Group FP&R analyst. Apply to by July 21

Human development advisor (Somalia). Get details from and apply to by 19 July.

Flower logistics manager at Homegrown. Apply to by July 14.

Housing Finance Company of Kenya
– finance manager
– Risk & compliance manager
Apply to by 14 July.

securities market technical specialists (2) at the International Finance Corporation to be based in Nairobi or Johannesburg. Details at and deadline is 23 July.

– Deputy VC research production and extension
-chief internal auditor
– IT manager
Deadline is 25 July.

Kenya Airways
– Manager technical projects
– Sales executives
– Ab initio pilot trainees
– Cabin technicians
– Internal auditor
– Sales & ticketing agent and othe jobs.
Apply to the group human resource director P O Box 19002 Nairobi by 21 July.

Principal Officer forensic investigations at the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission. D/L is 21 July.

Kenya Bureau of Standards
– ICT manager
– Head of operations
– Head of business development
– Head of staff welfare
– Head of personnel, head of internal audit.
Apply to the MD by July 25.

Lecturers, librarians and administrative positions at the Kenya Methodist University. Apply by July 21.

Marketing manager at Magadi Soda. Apply to by 21 July.

Mobile Planet
– Business development manager – premium services
– Chief technical officer by 31 July.

National Environmental Management Authority
– Director finance & administration
– Director legal services
– Chief accountant
D/L is August 7.

software developers (5) positions at which is opening a new office in Nairobi. Apply through Strathmore University at by July 19.

Graduate engineers at Safaricom. Applicants who attained 1st class honours or 2nd class upper div in 2005/06 should apply to

Learning & development manager at Tetrapak. Apply to by August 1.

at an unnamed IT company
– IT manager
– Project managers/business consultants (2)
– Financial accountant
Apply to by 14 July.

Other IT opportunities

– Network cabling of AG chambers and provide computer servers. D/L is 10 August.
– Supply and install forensic software and hardware for KACC. D/L is 16 august.

– Computer servers
– Emergency PA system at Kencom house
DL is July 24.
– Implement wide area network
– Implement enterprise network system
D/L is August 4.