September 17 Jobs

Communications manager at ActionAid International Kenya. Apply to by September 22.

Country sales manager (Ref CSM/06) at Cadbury (East & Central Africa). Apply through KPMG at by 29 September.

Catholic Relief Services: Technical advisor and a Regional information officer – both in Nairobi. Details at

Business development executives (2) at Dot Savvy. Apply to by September 20.

East African Breweries (EABL) is seeking sales strategy & operations manager, customer relations representative and a brand manager. Apply to by 22 September.

Chief executive at the East African Tea Trade Association. Apply to

General Manager at Easy Mobile. Apply to by October 6.

Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator East Africa at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Details at and D/L is 25 September.

Regional managers (3) and loan officers (10) at Kadet Ltd (a microfinance organization). Apply to by September 25.

Communications Manager at a not-for-profit organization in Sub Saharan Africa. Apply though Maer associates at by 26 September.

Marketing & operations manager at National Oil Corporation of Kenya. Details at and D/L is 27 September

General Manager (Individual Life) at Pan Africa Life. Apply to by 29 September.

Symphony IT company is seeking systems administrator, logistics coordinator and accounts assistants. Apply to by 22 September.

Chief operations officers at the Trust for African Rock Art. Apply to by 29 September.

UNIFEM (UN development fund for women) is seeking budget officer, monitoring & evaluation specialists (2), and program manager. Apply though UNDP at by October 2.

Media liaison officer at the Uraia (i.e. the Kenya National Civic Education Program). Apply through and details at by 29 September.

Procurement specialist at the World Bank Kenya. Apply to the country director Kenya P O Box 30577-00100 by 29 September

World Vision Kenya is seeking corporate communications manager, communications officer, PR & marketing officer, IT specialist, and child protection officers (2). Apply to by 29 September.

7 thoughts on “September 17 Jobs

  1. Kagz

    Even though there are a few companies in Kenya that offer an Executive Search & Recruiting Service(e.g PWC & KPMG) i think there’s potential for an entrep. or HR specialist to offer the same service targeted at small & med sized companies.

    The unemployment rates in Kenya are high & for every job advertised there are thousands of applicants.

    A recruiter will vet these applications, carry out preliminary interviews and fwd candidates to the employer. (simply like the way US companies recruit)

    Whats your take?

  2. gishungwa

    thanks for the heads up in the jobs quite on time. I know this is a “bit” Tried tujuane lakini its bringing errors. ten am defintely going to get the business post and see whats in it.
    thank you for the grea info though half the time am rushing i do manage to read.
    Did you get your stall, how about a home office now that connectivity has gone down tremendously.

  3. bankelele

    Kagz: A few companies specialise in executive recruitement but its quite epensive and most companies still do internal HR to pick their own employees. Also, any job advertised gets so many aopplications, many unqualified to wade thru – and it would be much easier to have e-mail applicantions which HR can delete the chaff

    Kibet: Sawa

    Gishungwa: How’s the “business post” these days? have not checked one out in a while. No stall yet but am looking at the flashcom / popote / safaricom offerings for laptop at home. Give a mwananchi some advice!

  4. jp

    hi banks,
    i got a popote connection which is way too slow, and a buddy told me flashcom is worse in terms of speed. window shop the telkom satspace, celtel/safaricom or get a dial up account from an isp especially if you intend to us the internet heavily.

    not sure whether you have completely bowed out from blogging about stocks (hopefully you havent) but i came across this new blog from a presumably ‘market insider’ HISAGAL – Stocks Demystified. worth a visit.

  5. Kagz

    Bank Man….My Point Exactly!

    Few companies are currently offering the service but they charge a premium.

    Let another player(s) get into the market with a focus on small/medium sized companies and charge an average amount.

    Even though most companies currently prefer to recruit internally, there are a few (many) who would not mind outsourcing the KYM part of recruiting.

    MyJobsEye is an example of a successful innovation in job advertising.
    I think this too would sell.

    And BTW, recruiters are only paid when an employee is hired through them.

  6. Anonymous

    Although we normally gets jobs advertisement but unfortunatly when applying no regretts or a letter for encouragement from any employer please do something its so discouraging

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