Zuku Slashes Kenya Internet Prices

Thanks K for the Breakfast invite

It’s been a big year for Zuku of the Wananchi Group; they got new funding and the fibre cable reached in Kenya – they are a shareholder in TEAMS which is operational (but not yet launched) and have also bought capacity on Seacom. Their CEO said the 50 gigabytes they have on TEAMS will serve the anticipated needs of their Kenyan customers for the next decade and they have the option to increase capacity on either cable.

Reduced internet prices: This morning (2/12/09), Zuku announced reduced internet prices of ~50% as follows for the wimax package:

• Prosurf (256Kbps) 3,000 Kshs 1,500 (~$20)
• Supersurf (512 Kbps) 6,000 Kshs 2,500 (~$33)
• Megasurf (1 Mbps) 10,000 Kshs 4,500 (~$60)

The one-time installation cost has also gone down from 5,800 to Kshs 3,000, lowering the entry barrier for homes.

For small corporates and SME’s they have new Zuku Biz which is an unlimited corporate broadband packages priced as follows:

• 10Mbps will cost Kshs 10,000 per month (~$133)
• 15 Mbps will cost Kshs 15,000 per month (~$200)
• 20 Mbps will cost Kshs 20,000 per month (~$266)

For these, installation costs are Kshs 3,000, and equipment and VAT are included in the pricing, with security services offered at an additional cost (firewall, e-mail security, spam management).

Reaching out to property developers Zuku is currently available in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Nyeri, and in Nairobi 40 buildings are fully wired with another 100+ having cabling up to their doorstep. By reaching out to developers and property owners, Zuku hopes to convert planned, new, and existing buildings to be internet-ready properties that meet the modern demands of some of their prospective tenants for high-quality affordable internet. Zuku have a dedicated team to liaise with property owners on right-of-way, and installation, issues for buildings. (Here’s a list of Nairobi fibre-ready buildings)

New Nairobi Hotel: The Zuku breakfast took place at the new Ole Sereni Hotel on the edge of the Nairobi National Park, off Mombasa Road. The building previously housed the old US Embassy in Nairobi before its conversion to a 134-bed, 5-star hotel. Like the adjacent Panari, Ole Sereni also lies close to Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport, shielding their guests, and transiting airline passengers, from some of Nairobi’s (now) notorious traffic jams. Though not yet officially open, and with some facilities yet to be completed, management says the hotel rooms are already fully occupied. Wildlife in the park can sometimes be observed in the early morning and should become a regular occurrence once a waterhole is completed (inside the park fence) to be observed from the hotel’s dining room and bars which have a (relatively) pocket-friendly Tusker price of 195 ($2.6).

14 thoughts on “Zuku Slashes Kenya Internet Prices

  1. Maishinski

    Wow, this is very useful info Bankelele – Thanks!

    I like the idea of patnering with Property developers. Hope they look at both Residential and Commercial. Also could have a package for individual developers building their homes…

    Zuku has the kind of forward thinking approach that we need to see more of!

    Knowledge based service industry is set to take off in Kenya and all must do their part to ensure quick realization and success.

  2. mehulio79

    I have been connceted with Zuku since March 2009 and have had no issues.

    100 MB files usually take about 1 hour to 1 and a half hour to download.

    The only issue is that they have blocked http://www.home.co.ke which is a portal by AccessKenya. I do not see any value for them in blocking that URL.

    Also there are many issues with using the FTP service.

    I think I’ll now upgrade to the 512Kbps package since it is now at an affordable rate. Woo hoo!

  3. Anonymous


    Would this be a viable solution if you are working from home? If you require a sustainable internet connection for around 10 hours daily. Who has used the service for work purposes? and can speak from an informed position?



  4. bankelele

    Vichekesho, Redear, John: ask Riyaz (below)

    Maishinski: good point, some modern tents are going to demand that buildings have good internet before they move in office or apartment,

    Mehulio79: thanks for the feedback, see Riyaz comment below about home.co.ke

    Melissa: thanks for feedback

    Riyaz: welcome online, will make a point to chat next time we meet

  5. Anonymous

    Zuku are liars and thieves. They took my money, never installed and refuse to give refund. They never call back. They are dishonest and should be shut down.

  6. Knox

    Hi Bankele,

    Thanx for this information, I’m just a little curious, Does Zuku provide Internet in South B area already? I live in Mariakani, South B and I need Internet at Home real bad. Again when I purchase 512kbps package is it bundled with Cable Tv or I’ll have to pay more for that?

    Kindly email me with info at sure104[at]gmail[dot]com.

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