Your Car is an ATM

Traffic Commandant Daudi Kyalo announced that police will crack down on speeding drivers and vehicles with tinted windows – and that motorists will have to pay a fine of 4,000 shillings on the spot or have their vehicle impounded.

This directive compelling motorists to carry huge amounts of cash in their car is wrong. Not many drivers can afford to carry 4,000 shillings, and those that can afford to rarely carry large sums of cash, and instead rely on Bank ATM’s, fuel cards and credit cards for their convenience and relative safety.

It is unfortunate that the Police want motorists to risk losing money. The directive will also have unfortunate consequences in that (1) encourages crime: assures car-jackers that each car they target has some cash (2) encourages corruption: ensures that motorists always have enough to bribe police and make the charges disappear.

The Police should not enforce spot fines: A motorist who is sober and driving a road-worthy vehicle should only be ticketed and summoned to appear in court on a given day to answer the Police charge.

7 thoughts on “Your Car is an ATM

  1. Mama JunkYard


    Is this directive compelling motorists to carry loads of money or is it compelling them to watch their speed?

    While I don’t quite get their anti-tinted windows stance I am all for taking steps to make people slow down. If it means paying on the spot so be it.

  2. bankelele

    If you get stopped for speeding or having tinted windows, you must part with 4,000 shilling or have your car impounded right there (and towed to wherever)

  3. Mama JunkYard

    I don’t drive :=)

    That said…I do not like people who speed. I am all for stopping people who speed. If it was up to me I would ban them forever :=)

    The directive is simple (apart from the windows thing). If you do not want to pay 4,000 ksh – do not speed.

    I do not see how that translates to asking people to carry money at all times. Unless someone is a planning on speeding – which I think is a little odd.

    Lakini the tinted windows…what is that all about?

  4. Afromusing

    what about people who have medical conditions(sensitivity to light) hey…i am grasping for straws here 🙂 and you know how we are blessed with thorough sunshine and luminosity? The tinting thing is lost on me too.

  5. M

    The bane of this current government — hopelessly misplaced priorities. The sense in deploying cops to harrass me and my tinted windows instead of putting an end to the virtual siege in Ngong escapes me totally!

  6. bankelele

    I agree it’s a mis-placed priority. There are people who barely have enough to fuel their cars (and who buy 200 shillings) at a time. Now teh Police want them to have 4,000 shillings in case they are stopped (not just for speeding, but for other reasons as well)

  7. Magaidi

    So, what happens if you’re speeding in a car that has tinted windows? Aii mama!

    OK OK..about tinted windows, in my area you’re not allowed to tint to a certain extent/shade the passenger and driver side windows..and a cop should not be allowed to accept fines. Cops have no business performing judge and jury duties on the roads.But this is Kenya we’re talking about. I forgot!

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