Women to save the world economy?

The Economist argues that women are now the most powerful engine of global growth!

  1. The future of the world economy lies increasingly in female hands
  2. In rich countries, girls now do better at school than boys, and well over half of all university degrees are now being awarded to women.
  3. Almost everywhere, more women are employed and the percentage of men with jobs has fallen. In the emerging East Asian economies, for every 100 men in the labour force there are now 83 women, higher even than the average in OECD countries.
  4. Since 1970 women have filled two new jobs for every one taken by a man.
  5. Women make perhaps 80% of consumers’ buying decisions—from health care and homes to furniture and food.
  6. In years to come better-educated women will take more of the top jobs
  7. Researchers have also concluded that women make better investors than men
  8. In poor countries too, the under-utilisation of women stunts economic growth.
  9. There is strong evidence that educating girls boosts prosperity.
  10. Countries with high female labour participation rates, such as Sweden, tend to have higher fertility rates than Germany, Italy and Japan, where fewer women work.

4 thoughts on “Women to save the world economy?

  1. acolyte

    I think that article is lacking in some ways.I do agree that hindering the participation of women does stunt the ecomonomy but on the other hand I dont think they can single handedly save the economy.I dont think any gender can.Girls may do better then boys in schools in first world countries because their education systems have been feminised and are no longer meeting boys needs but instead labelling them learning disabled and tranquilising them with ritalin.In developing countries many companies esp in the manufacturing companies would rather hire women as they can pay them less and they are more pliable then men.
    Women do make many of the buying decisions in families but do not make most of the money.It just shows that the media have recognised that they can make more money from women then men who tend to spend less then women in all areas, watching daily advertising in the states bears this out as men tend to be more rational when it comes to spending out here in the first world.
    Researchers have also concluded that women make better investors than menI would like to read that paper as it sounds very existentialist and short sighted.
    Educating and encouraging women to participate in economic development is a good thing but now when it is at the expense of men as it ends up being retrogressive and leads to the creation of a new volatile underclass.My $0.02…..

  2. bankelele

    acolyte: They won’t save the world, but enabling their participation through providing opportunities will lead to faster development and growth. Girls already do as well as boys in national and better schools in Kenya. On manufacturing, Asian countries use women who have ‘hands are more delicate than men’ to assemble electronics, not just to pay them less.

  3. AK

    I believe women will save the world, at least politically! I am actually rooting for more women presidents for Africa. Economically, it is already happening though slowly. will give a statistical blog on this one soon.

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