Win #NationHela Cards

Prepaid cards are really useful these days as there’s so much you can buy on your phone or computer – such as purchases from app stores, online book stores and deal of the day sites. The best things about the cards like NationHela is that they only take money that you have, and send you an immediate alert on the remaining available balance by SMS. 

This is unlike with credit cards, which, if you’re not careful, your purchases will creep up and hit you with a surprise when you see the bill a few weeks later. Yes, a few purchases of $3.99 and $9.99 items won’t seem like much until you get a bill that is in Kshs ‘000 shillings.

NationHela has two cards to give away – each loaded with Kshs 2,000 (~$24). To win the first, leave a comment on what you think is the best feature of NationHela or a prepaid card, and for the second, leave a comment suggesting how NationHela can improve.