Why Mosquitoes love Nairobi but don’t bring Malaria

A while ago, I posted a query to @ICIPE and got a somewhat reassuring response from one of their scientists. ICIPE  stands for the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology and they do research on tropical diseases.

Yes, Nairobi is becoming a home of many mosquitoes but mostly culex mosquitoes – they do not transmit malaria but are a biting nuisance. The main reason for their increase is the increasing urbanization which is taking place without consideration of health and safety issues. Urbanization causes changes in land use and creates breeding sites for mosquitoes and other public health nuisance insects.

 People need to be aware of this and take measures to control them – like sleeping under a net and using proper sanitation. For further details, please see the quick tips to control mosquitoes and malaria.