Why I blog about Africa

Was tagged by Mweshi my brother from TED Africa on why I blog about Africa

It’s about telling my story. No one else can tell it, I can’t even tell it myself

I am uniquely privileged and challenged and I have access to opportunities and difficulties that constrain me. This is my record of life in Africa, a land of challenges and of opportunities, and I try and tell about both, but with an emphasis on the opportunities for an ex-Diasporan.

I have spreadsheets, annual reports, statements and certificates, but they are static; this blog gives life and flesh to those numbers and papers.

Finally this is my diary, my record of important events – about me and my business world & economy, the blog simply helps me keep track.

Finally, it has opened up a whole world of opportunities, some small material gain but more of the networking kind and opportunities and new friends – and I hereby extend the tag to fellow financial bloggers – Coldtusker, Terry Anne, Ka-Investor, Fintrade Capital, MainaT, Kenyanentrepreneur, and Maishinski.

Happy Holidays

17 thoughts on “Why I blog about Africa

  1. Maishinski

    Happy Holidays Banks.

    As a lazy blogger, I honestly don’t know what a “tag” means in blogsphere but I am guessing its like a Christmas gift of some sort…


  2. Anonymous

    Banks – i am impressed by your initiative in starting this blog, discipline in updating it regularly, and the professional approach which distinguishes it from the muck & slime on other kenyan blogs. You are one positive level headed kenyan. Keep it up!

  3. Obie

    Keep it up, Banks! I actually was inspired begin blogging by your well researched posts. Hope I’ll be able to do the same on the TechScene. Didn’t know you were at the Google meet, would’ve liked to meet you.
    Happy holidays everyone…

  4. Rombo

    I’m really enjoying reading the responses to this meme. Very eye-opening. I noticed you’d been tagged a while ago and I’m glad you posted on it.

    I love the “it’s about telling my story.” That sums it up very well IMHO. Merry Christmas.

  5. Anonymous

    What’s word on the street re: plunging prices in the housing market? I’m unable to access the article on BD ‘Speculators exit property sector as prices plunge’

    Thanks & Happy Holidays to you too!

  6. Anonymous

    lol @ anon,

    You just read the headline in BD, now you want bankelele to read it for you, digest it and give you the processed insight…

    Thats just laziness with impunity.

  7. Anonymous

    @ Anon posted at 11:41am.

    *yawn* – pls take your ignorance and foolishness elsewhere. Don’t make judgements on people/situations without the facts.

  8. Anonymous

    @Anon 6:59

    How come everyone else but you could access the article? Your internet was up – otherewise you wouldnt have known it exists.

  9. E-Nyce

    @Maishinski: “tagging” in this case is like the game. Not sure what it’s called in Kenya. Now that banks is “it”, I guess coldtusker can consider himself tagged…

    My holiday best-wishes to everyone – hoping for Great and Beautiful life in the new year!

  10. African Women

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  11. bankelele

    Ka-investor: go ahead; want to read up on other financiers

    Coldtusker: not anymore

    Man143Steph637: will do

    Maishinski: means do a post on “why you blog about Africa”

    Obie: Thanks see you later. The skunkworks meets are great for a for content

    Rombo: I also avoid tags, but this was a good one

    Ngangaonbrands & goooooood girl: thanks

    E-Nyce: happy holidays

    African Women: will check out Lurrenzinc sometime

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