Who’s Kenya paying?

A noble step in the war on corruption is this website by the Public Procurement Oversight Authority which list all contracts awarded over 5 million shillings ($71,430) by organs of the kenya government . A step further would be to require/ publish all companies who are awarded such contracts to also publish/disclose all the company directors.

Transparent dust
Mwalimu Mati is showing his former employers Transparency International quite a bit of dust with his new venture Mars Group Kenya which unearths more dirt than Transparency ever did.

7 thoughts on “Who’s Kenya paying?

  1. Mitzy

    @ Banks, apparently Wikileaks has formed a Kenya/East African chapter as of 4th April? No further info is given in the News link on the site. Interesting how it coincided with Leakey’s appointment…

  2. Whispering Inn

    Mati is doing a tremendous job @ MARS, and I think the website initiative by the Public Procurement Oversight Authority is a step in the right direction.

    Pity that Gladwell and Mati had to be kicked out while they were in fact doing their jobs well only to have Leaky brought in to sort out the ensuing mess (apparently, because he’ll not take any sh!t from anyone).

    You have to wonder, aren’t we perpetuating stereotypes…?

  3. Anonymous

    anyway i think the procurement site is a good start of things hopefully we can get more information and more analysis tools.

    ok, i generally think NGO’s in kenya are a danger to democracy – i think they do have a role but i think when the NGO sector becomes
    powerful as it is in kenya, it risks usurping the role of the people in a democracy – perhaps it is a failure of our institutions
    but im concerned that NGO’s find a way to icert themselves in all areas – the question comes to mind is that whom fo this organization represent – NGO’s in my opinion are just different forms of corporations. we dont allow corporations to insert themselves in governance so why do we let NGO’s do so.

    case in point most new laws in kenya inlcuding water management boards, avrious boards CDF eta ll have provision for NGO’s – i think we should rexamine the role
    of this NGO’s and ensure that we are not short circuiting democracy.

  4. bankelele

    coldtusker: Interesting reads, no idea about funding. I’m sure he’d answer you though if you asked him

    Udi: Nice stuff, but its voluntary i.e. departments must submit their payment info

    Mitzy: will check out Wikileaks

    Whispering Inn: High turnover of CEO’s in such a short stretch

  5. coldtusker

    w-inn: Whereas both Gladwell & Mati were “accused of impropriety”, no charges were brought against them…

    They do not have the same clout as Leakey does esp with backing from our donors (except China!)…

    BTW, Leakey is Kenya damu kabisa… He even speaks Kikuyu… since he was a kid! He went to Lenana (Duke of York) back in the day…

    Even back then, he & Philip were “troublemakers”… yaani, siasa!

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