Where to buy shares Redux

Following last year’s post on where to buy shares, an update is now necessary.

I have dealt with and experienced a variety of difficulties at some of the better stockbrokers and investment banks. Ultimately, it is inevitable that other shareholders will also encounter problems with their brokers.

And if their frustration reaches a point of no-return than they may choose to change their stockbroker or investment bank – aka central depository agent (CDA) – by taking these steps to transfer their CDS account to a different broker.

1. Complete and sign CDS 4A and 4B and submit both to current and new CDA (all stockbrokers have these forms).
2. Sign account opening forms with new CDA.
3. Keep a signed copy of security transfer forms for own records.

It can take one day for the new arrangement to be effective – if processed before 12 PM. Shareholders can also contact the NSE’s business development department (info@nse.co.ke) or send complaints (compliance@nse.co.ke).

Information from a paid advertisement of the Nairobi Stock Exchange

3 thoughts on “Where to buy shares Redux

  1. Anonymous

    Ati where’s this joint you go 4 fis on friday. I’m looking 4 good fish joint still havn’t found 1 yet

  2. Anonymous

    Its a question more than it is a comment.Does the transfer of my CDS account to a new CDA mean that the investement I had made with the old CDA will now be handled by the new CDA or the transfer just affects future investments

  3. bankelele

    All your holdings should transfer to new CDA (if shares have been immobilized and paid for). Have not had to do it myself, yet – but it should work as NSE says.

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