Where to Bank an Adsense Cheque in Nairobi

This is a follow up post to the long-running question of what do with an adsense cheque or its’ equivalent. There are dozens of Kenyan bloggers building up small net earnings from adsense and similar web-based advertising companies – but who usually pay in US$ cheques – minimum $100 i.e. now almost Kshs 8,000 which is a tidy sum for a part time activity.

The post is of interest because the costs of clearing such a cherub can run up to 50%at some banks. After the last post on the subject we had these as the cheapest banks:

2. Family Bank – Kshs. 650
3. KCB (said) minimum Ksh.800
4. Co-op Bank – Kshs 1,000
1. I can now add to the top of the pile Barclays Bank of Kenya who charge just Kshs 200 /= (~$2.5) the lowest so far I have verified.

KCB was the only bank (out of 40) to respond to a query via the general e-mail account published by the banks. What does this say about the level of internet interaction? Very bad. There are some non-existent companies with great interactive websites, but with Kenyan banking its the opposite – some great innovative banks who put up massive website, and which, though updated often, rarely respond to to online queries and feedback.

Twitter would be a nice (free) tool for them to use, but no bank has yet embraced corporate blogging, and none are on @Twitter yet. @MosesKeimbaro had a recent post on Kenyan brands on Twitter. – with the most prominent and active being @KenyaAirways. Also here’s a great list of other financial sites on twitter.

12 thoughts on “Where to Bank an Adsense Cheque in Nairobi

  1. gmeltdown

    the thought of small firms with great internet presence and large corporates with brochure kind of presence is annoying. Follow this thought on gmeltdown.blogspot.com

  2. Kenyan Freelancer

    Very insightful…when the dollars start rolling in at least i know where i can convert them benjamins. I’m so bookmarking this post. And, so true about corporate blogging…our kenyan companies will only realise the importance of social media when the rest of the world is miles ahead.

  3. Bruce

    Even in South Africa it’s not easy. The bank teller always looks at me like I’m crazy. Sometimes they even say it takes three months to clear but I’ve always managed to get clearance in a few days. Good luck!

  4. bankelele

    Tamaku: it may take a few months but on day adsense may pay

    Teal’c: so far so good, it’s very hard to get information from banks on the cost of this transaction for comparison, but I’m compiling my list

    Gmeltdown: that’s the reality, and why small innovative firms can reap big

    KenyanFreelancer: Capital 984 has a few corporate blogs, but you can’t distinguish them from news

    Bruce: adsense take about one month to clear at all Nairobi banks

  5. Anonymous

    the best to clear is at National Bank…only Ksh220.Verified and used it before.Coperative bank is also good coz you get your cash at the 14 day unlike other banks where it will take you 32 days.I used them before but very expensive ie Ksh.1000

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