What to do with refund cheque?

Safaricom now at 7 shillings

– Keep buying until the Vodafone stand is known
– Keep buying unless you want a 20 shilling dividend cheques
– Keep buying because Zain/Celtel is struggling (the Zain reports they have 23% less customers than a year ago)
– KCB right maybe, Housing Finance not likely

4 thoughts on “What to do with refund cheque?

  1. Udi

    Invest in other shares whose prices went down coz people sold off their shares. Plus, I am pissed with how Safcom did their allocations

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think Celtel is struggling. They had bad management last year and now they brought the best people and started giving Safaricom a hard time (just look how Safaricom reacted). I’m using Celtel at 3 bob and Safaricom is 10!! If Safaricom stays that way, they will loose their market to Celtel who will soon be Zain which is very strong

  3. Gitts

    celtel was doing badly last year. Now they have a different strategy an there’ll be more competition from new players.

    My advice to them is to focus on customer service and network quality if they want to survive. 3G looks like a good move on their part if they can get the service bit properly

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