Westlands Roundabout

The much-derided traffic lights will be re-activated by the Nairobi City Council this month. They are part of a study being funded by a Japanese firm. Traffic jams up to 1.5 kilometres long and caused by the lights were measured during February/March when the lights were last used. No indication how long the study will continue, but maybe KISS FM will probably start another campaign to shut them down, as they did before.

2 thoughts on “Westlands Roundabout

  1. Msanii_XL

    Excuse me if i sound ignorant but the lights caused traffic? and a radio station complained about it and they had it shut down?

  2. bankelele

    The installation of lights at the round-about, worked fine during the day but made the traffic situation much worse during rush-hour. KISS FM are located next to the site, and railed about the lights/traffic situation every day when they were on.

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