Weeknd Wrap

This weekend, we had the first days of the long rains – and in typical KPLC, there were three blackouts during the day, including one just as the Malaysian Grand Prix started on TV at 10 a.m. – and almost making me abandon the family and dash to the bar on Sunday morning to watch.

Read that fuel prices in the UK are approaching £1 per litre (i.e. 143 shillings) per litre. In Nairobi fuel is around 70 per litre. If the price doubled, we’d have riots.

According to the Sunday Standard, barter trade is still common in Western Kenya (Kisii) where maize or millet are exchanged for organic salt (which is used as a salt lick for livestock and for cooking)

Breaking News (the Onion): Neverland Ranch investigators discover corpse of real Michael Jackson