Week on Twitter (September 11)

Another re-cap of a week full of Twitter – @bankelele posts which included issues like – more innovative loans from Equity Bank, why do Kenyan companies make such large PDFs? The fibre cable has reached Mandera in remote Northern Kenya, but piped water is yet to get there, police dogs sniff grass, Zimbabwe ministers text like teenagers, how to get through to safaricom’s notoriously inaccessible customer service, mobile companies know how to keep Kenyan ministers happy, Kenyans laugh at their failings, pre-paid internet gets cheaper, another bank to list at the Nairobi stock exchange while another joins twitter, more awards for women, more jobs at the central bank of Kenya, and the UNEP toys with Kenya

– @TChenya @KumekuchaChris was just at Equity Bank; amazed they have loans for water tanks http://bit.ly/AoYg4
– This #Safaricom portal is going to be the Kenya borg http://portal.safaricom.com…
– Do cops favour their own matatus, leading to traffic jams for other motorists? http://www.coastweek.com/32…
– R/T @baldaufji #Zimbabwe minister text messages leaked http://bit.ly/2KkUIx U c the strait jacket vakuru [old man] is being given 2 wear
– The koinange family starts development of the parking lot next to kencom Nairobi
– Just registered to get my Safaricom dividend by cellphone m-pesa in November @saitonne m-pesa dividend registration ongoing around the country till 30 September, mostly at supermarkets – which one is near you?
– Cold call from a bank offering an unsecured personal loan at 24%!
– @egm_photo @jmugambi its soooo wrong for fibre cable to reach mandera before piped water!
– Gabon09 election resembles kenya08 but little concern in Kenya
– #TPF3 Tanzania is 0-2: EABL endears itself to that beer market
– (Sad to hear) R/t @estoni #samburu insecurity rife, tourist vans attacked, some travel companies are canceling Kenya safaris
– @kainvestor the most blatant on-going copy cat is ‘citi shuttle’ aping ‘citi hoppa’ with same green, same routes #thuo should do something
– (i) #shagslife a police dog from anti-stock theft unit just tracked down some stolen bales of hay to a nearby compound (ii) Hay and fencing was ‘stolen’ from farm of local MP last night. @coldtusker, this police lassie did an impressive job over many KM
– More bank for twitter @Standardbankgrp the official account for #stanbic (found at @kainvestor)
– R/t @saitonne are you stuck trying to call #Safaricom customer care 100 number? Try adding some zero’s and no’s e.g. 1000055
– R/t @kachwanya Yu to launch money transfer service on October 1. (Now where’s telkom, been almost 5 years in the making?)
– Watching morning news – #Safaricom seem to trend #CSR projects to home area of sitting communication minister
– Family bank march to listing at Nairobi stock ex @nsekenya on with plans for share split and rights issue pending approval
you know you’re Kenyan goes viral (i) #youknowyourekenyan when you understand (and agree with) Francis atwoli (ii) #youknowyourekenyan cause your “najivunia kuwa mkenya” cap is made in china

– NHC rescinds sale of houses to 102 #madaraka estate residents (for non-payment?) while NSSF threatens to repossess some tassia-embakasi plots
– @ kainvestor how do Kenyan corporations create such huge huge PDF? E.g. quarterlies from NSE site (i) Mabati Rolling Mills half year results (large PDF) http://tinyurl.com/ldyk22 (ii) @kainvestor #KenGenPIBO information memorandum dead D link on site at http://www.kengen.co.ke/PIBO/
– Nominate an African woman achiever for a Graca Machel award http://www.civicus.org/media/Graca_Machel_Initiative_Call.pdf D/L 30/9
– R/T @gishungwa @shiroh: Central bank of Kenya is hiring http://tinyurl.com/lu6bbo
– @inexes @shiroh while standard chartered will take divas to South Africa for shopping for $1,000, family bank has week-long trip in October for business customers for $2,000
– Eh @intelligensia, plans underway to (dredge &) raise the water level of masinga dam by 1.5 metres
– New Zain Kenya unlimited pre-paid internet bundles costing $3 per day, or $30 per month
– NTV’s Rita Tinina on GoK begging UNEP for Mau Cash http://bit.ly/2m8BUu (look for a toy truck near end of vid)