Venture Capital & Asset Backed Securities

The Capital Markets Authority has published new regulations for venture capital companies and asset-backed securities for public discussion up to March 3.

Monkey Business?
After East African Cables announced it’s 2005 results, the company’s shares jumped by 17 shillings or 11% on a volume of only 1,000 shares traded on February 14 (opened at 158 and closed at 175). The next day they dropped by 4 shillings on a volume of 25,627 shares and today they lost another 2 shillings on a volume of 1,560 shares traded.

One thought on “Venture Capital & Asset Backed Securities

  1. Anonymous

    just reading the regulations about venture and something jumped out at me
    1.its says a venture capital firm is a company whose target is to invest in in smal and medium size corporations. – that sounds fair to me. but then turns around and syas that such a frim should have a minimum paid up share capital of 300M. this sounds to me out of whck with the local market. i think i should be allowed to start my own VC firm with evem 10m coz thats where the market is in kenya small firms are looking for 1 millio 2 million that kind of money – and then again why the hell do you need to regulate VC’s

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