VC Fund update

More on the $40 million VC fund set up by the Africa venture capital association and East African development. It will invest $100,000 to $2 million in SME’s for expansion & modernization, as well as start-ups led by exceptionally qualified entrepreneurs. Advantages of getting funds is that unlike bank loans, you don’t have to pledge assets or incur subsequent loan repayments


The Africa Development Bank is currently accepting applications for its Young Professional Program (YPP). Details at their site and D/L is 10/5.

Celtel: Product development manager (Comm-mkt-02/07), Product developer (Comm-mkt-03/07). Apply to by 4/5

Kenya Airways: Manager – hub & airport systems (I/065/04-07), Revenue management systems administrator (C/066/04-07)
Apply to the group HRD 19002 Nairobi by 14/5

Foundation manager at KCB. Apply to by 9/5

Safaricom: Head of Retail, Head of Customer Management, Materials Inspection Officer, Senior CRM System Developer, Business Intelligence Developer.

Fund manager at the above mentioned VC fund. Apply to by 14/5

The Young Professionals Program (YPP) of the World Bank. apply online by 15/7

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