President Donald Trump

Exactly a week ago, Americans went to the polls and elected Donald Trump as their new president. This was a shock result that few experts expected, as most polls expect that he would lose to Hillary Clinton, as his inexperience and comments about groups, like women and Hispanics, would lead them to vote against him in droves. But that did not happen and he will become the 45th president of the USA from January 2017, replacing Barack Obama.

Telegraph election coverage

Telegraph election coverage

My Trump Presidency outlook is here:

Expected Winners: (include) American businesses – building and oil companies, Russia, Israel, US airlines, and the US military. Also Coal, US highways, airports, and infrastructure.

Expected Losers: China, world trade, the Middle East peace process, immigration reform. Also Gulf carriers, donor-aid, Muslims, Africa, Britain, Obama-care, and the Mexican Peso.

Kenya Links

  • Trump was a long campaigner for the birther movement that spun the false story that President Obama was not born in the US, but perhaps in Kenya. He reluctantly apologized for that late in the campaign.
  • During one of the seasons of his Apprentice TV show, Kenyan-American Liza Mucheru came close to winning the Apprentice prize to work at a Trump organization. She was one the 16 contents, picked from several thousand applicants and made it to the final three. She would have gone further but for the sudden decision by Trump to fire her even when her team had won a challenge.
  • Trump has also been linked to one of the many many plans at the Kenya Railways to develop a golf city real estate in Nairobi.

Picture from a UK Telegraph story on the US election.