Uh oh

It seems like the NSHIS Bill may not be dead after all, maybe in ICU with a chance of making recovery, and a life with some permanent disability requiring hefty medical bills.

I rarely like to see foreigners lecture Kenyan’s (I prefer Museveni’s way i.e. Africans deal with African problems which has succeeded e.g. Sudan, Somalia), but please read an article by Bo Goransson, the Swedish Ambassador to Kenya. He shows that systematic corruption in Kenya is mainly out of a warped expectation wananchi have about their MP’s ability to bring development to them. These same MP’s are likely to pass Ngilu’s monstrous Health Bill, which they will of course not pay a shilling for themselves, or be responsible for implementing – but will tell their constituents that they brought them free healthcare. I hope that the NSHIS Bill becomes the second instance in modern times where the public can judge an MP’s vote on an issue – the first was the aborted 2003 constitution. In the past leaders have been judged by their person, tribe, preferred candidates, godfather, party, spouse, or family etc.