Twitter Week: Top 10 November 26

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that is really nifty for doing mini-posts, forwards and other remarks that (are on any subject) and are maybe not worthy of a full blog post. Here’s a summary of my week on Twitter in a Dave Letterman top 10 format :

10. Uganda Talks
– r/t @UgInsomniac Uganda Government gives ousted Thai Premier Thaksin Shinawatra, a new UG passport- (Kenya sold him wildlife)
– R/t @UgInsomniac MapSwitch Uganda boldly going where no banks have gone? #ugandalug

9 Visa Place burns
– What’s that fire in upper hill area?
– @rookieke was visa place on fire, poor chicken
– @jwesonga shebeen great place, good staff. And in Kenya style, it will be packed tonight, if it survives neighbour fire

8. G4S (in) Security Jokes
– A g4s truck parked by road side in kile-any missing cash today?
– Poor #G4S Kenya, after the weekend cash loss, they may have to sweep key staff and revert to old name securicor
– @coldtusker @mwirigi #G4S not to blame, customers move $ for evasion, business & commodity payments etc to bypass currency restrictions
– @mwirigi looks like real world inside job-at either G4S, seller, buyer or bank. Off to watch reel-world #heat movie this aft
– Embattled security firm #G4S hires Gina Din Comm. to spruce up image (via Nairobi star)

7 Kenyan Banks
– #stanchart bank loan hawks out on Nairobi streets again. Also KCB and family bank
Kenya MFI Faulu acquires insurance broker
– Will check out family bank offer of free Wi-fi for customers’ next week @jwesonga

6 Zain Kenya
– Seems Zain Kenya turned on their 3G network this weekend, super net speeds (Via @kahenya)
– Zain Q3 ‘Kenya is a highly competitive market with very low ARPU’ 2.1M customers (down 14%) revenue of $118m, loss of $28m (much improved)

5. World Cup 2010 business
– @AirFranceUS promoting World Cup fares (from Paris) to South Africa. Book early and save!
– r/t @cnbcafrica 2nite on Business 2010 exclusive license deal between FIFA & Nederberg Wine Estate to produce a 2010 FIFA World Cup wine range

4. Africa Aviation
– Delta Air has Ghana Nigeria Liberia Senegal Egypt but no Kenya plan… (Via @airlineroute)
– Ethiopian Air CEO talks aircraft choice A350, B787 B777 operating from high altitude Addis (via @flightblogger)
– Kenya airways offering diploma in airline passenger services at a cost of $1950.
– R/t @aschonland delta passes half connectivity mark- 51% of aircraft fleet now have wi-fi

3. Safaricom Modem discount
– #Safaricom deal data push discount – modems now redeemed at just 2,000 bonga points, used to be 10,000 before @kafainbi @antoneosoul
– @Kafainbi website and posters say 10,000 but modems are now 2,000 bonga points – try Moi ave. or I&M for stocks

2. Kenyan Corporates on Twitter
– can the real Kenya airways please stand up!!.. @kenyaairways and @kenya_airways on twitter, is one a squatter or both? (Via @jwesonga)
– Following @samtwit and @coldTusker as they sort out which is the genuine #kenyaairways twitter account. They could both be fake or fans
– @samtwit confirmation should come from a twitter link at the #kenyaairways site. A smart aviation buff can fake a corporate twitter ac
– @KenyaAirways is the official #kenyaairways twitter account. (@coldtusker, @rafikikenya – via semi-official source)
– Finally an indigenous Kenyan bank on twitter @familybankkenya

1 Tusker brewed in Ireland
– Tusker now sold in 500ml cans, cost 85/= at uchumi. @archermishale get well, and catch up with @inexes

– The Tusker 500ml can is brewed in Ireland! EABL #Fail #godblessthierryhenry

5 thoughts on “Twitter Week: Top 10 November 26

  1. NiKolaS

    Definitely going for the safaricom modem since currently mine has started playing up on me.

    I told workmates about the Visa place fire and i got several very interesting stories about the place, its much loved and will be missed.

    On the G4S saga i may have tweeted a thing or two…

    I was really tickled by the Kenyaairways scuffle and the Tusker brewed in Ireland bit. Does it taste any different though? All in the interest of science…

  2. Kafai.

    Glad to contribute, and thanks for the modem tip. Now I get to stalk people late into the night and weekends.
    But the cost of those bundles need to be revised. Still too expensive.

  3. bankelele

    NiKolaS: for you to have come back to Safaricom says something as I know you have thoroughly researched the market
    – Visa and G4S you know, Tusker I can’t say, the cans always have a peculiar taste compared to the bottle IMHO

    Kafai: karibu, except for the costs, it’s a perfect pay as you go option that anyone with idle bonga points should pick out. It’s either that or gab twice as much to get the cheapest Safaricom phone.

  4. betty

    Have you heard about its the revamped version of Do you think it has the potential of being the new facebook ama they are trying to offer everybody everything.

  5. Kaja

    I agree with you but from my personal experience, it bought 10000 Twitter followers from and they added them to my page in a little over 2 month. All the followers appeared to be real and some of them turned out to be great customers.

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