Twitter Week: Top 10 (December 11)

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that is really nifty for doing mini-posts, forwards and other remarks that (are on any subject) and are maybe not worthy of a full blog post. Here’s a summary of my week on Twitter in a Dave Letterman top 10 format covering Bill gates in Nairobi, tiger woods gets (in)famous, Nigerian banking wars, Nairobi is becoming a tech conference hub, Fibre cable starts to take effect , and Kenyans are bad dressers but fast drinkers!

10 Get on twitter and new media before it’s too late – New Kenya airays rugby page seems to confirm @KenyaAirways is the legitimate KQ twitter a/c
– The Rwanda president @paulkagame on twitter? @gotissuez @ngeny @towmee there’s a link on to @paulkagame; looks legit but poorly managed account that can improve
– R/t gtbankonline Guaranty Trust Bank launches NDANI their e-News Quarterly e-zine, #notlazycheapkenyanbank
– r/t @mkaigwa Dear Equity Bank, you’re the Safaricom of banks. Okthanksbye. #Dontmeanitinagoodway #ReasonwhyIhave2bankaccounts
– Musician Suzanne owiyo features in new #equitybank ‘ni member’ TV ad

9 Funny Money Tales: – the gambler who lost $127 million in Vegas (via @WhitlockJason)
– Nairobi star headlines today: Kalonzo denies link to 1 billion farm sale, Ruto to raise 8 billion campaign fund by 2012

8 Beer not clothes – New bar Another brand new bar in Nairobi, already full on day 2
– @rafikiz @jamesmurua is the new off-shoot of @Bacchus at old treasures langata rd
– r/t @towmee No offense to my Kenyan tweeps but at the airport i knew KQ had landed just by how dull the passengers are dressed #notsapuers

7. Kenyans government churns through money – r/t @alykhansatchu Kenya 2nd infrastructure bond oversubscribed 138% surprised at insatiable appetite for GOK Paper. Lots of foreign interest at ~12% coupon @alykhansatchu as you said
– Bloat in Kenya government is mass employment and needless parastatals & committees-latest is ‘national tourism crisis management committee’

6. Top Kenyan business women – Nominate a top 40 woman under 40 to Business Daily D/L 16/12 to join @justdes you can run for re-election and I’m sure you’ll be re-nominated #top40

5. Tiger, Tiger, burning… – Tiger may have to bail as marriage costs more each year but his sponsors need a good family image
– Only @TheOnion can tell it: “Investigators Still Piecing Together Weird-Ass Clues in Fucked-Up Tiger Woods Crash”
– *Yawn* bill Clinton jokes being recycled into tiger woods jokes
– Tiger at #9 but yet to be nabbed at on golf course unlike a famous Kenyan
– Go On Be A Tiger: Accenture (nee Arthur Andersen) advertisement

4. Bill in Town – #nairumor bill gates private jet is at Nairobi airport.
– @coldtusker he has 3 bombardier challengers

3. Kenya becoming tech conference central – Mobile Web East-Africa is coming to Nairobi – make sure you’re there! (via @mato74)
– R/t There are some available seats at the @ushahidi user group meeting at Strathmore University. Come on by! #UshMeet

2 Cheaper fast Internet becoming a reality: – Now that there’s #fibre in Nairobi, i can finally watch the fascinating #TED Talks videos
– ad in standard today – Kenya data networks say free Christmas wifi internet till January 4 (but nada at website)

1 Nigerian Bank Wars: – r/t Deadly news. Bank PHB of Nigeria reports 15-month loss of $2.5 billion: .That is lethal (via @obionyeaso)
– @coldtusker 9-month pre-tax profit of all banks in kenya this year is about $500 million
– Nigerian bank wars via @obionyeaso another full page ad describing new mgt of bailed out banks as ‘undertakers’

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