Thieves in the Temple

Over the weekend, Kobil Oil took over the management of 3 fuel stations owned by retired President Daniel arap Moi that had been making losses for several years – and also replaced managers, security and other staff. I hear this sad tale is actually a reflection of many of his businesses, schools, and farms where his own employees have been robbing him blind for many years through phoney billing, unnecessary purchases and repairs and outright theft of property. It is said that farmers around Kabarak don’t have to buy supplies in town, as they simply buy off seed and fertilizer cheaply from his farm managers and workers that is meant for his crops.

4 thoughts on “Thieves in the Temple

  1. Anonymous

    Technically, Kenyans paid for those losses! Coz where do u think moi got the money to “buy” those stations?

    Chances are that his stations were the “preferred” location for govt vehicles to fuel up!!!

    No, I do not feel sorry for him!

  2. bankelele

    It shows you can’t micro-manage an empire, and that you had better have honest managers. I doubt if he’s aware, but the Kobil move might have told him that some things are not right.

  3. Mimmz

    They say you reap what you saw… You get from the bucket only waht you put into it to begin with…and so on.

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