Telkom now an ISP

Jambo Telkom, a subsidiary of Telkom has started offering internet connections as an internet service provider (ISP) and competing against other ISP’s like wananchi and Africa online.

Simple: All you need is a Telkom telephone line and a computer with a modem installed. Dial 9444 with your modem then enter the username jambo and password jambo and your are connected directly to the internet (at 56kps max). Charges are the normal local call rates.

Jambo was originally licensced in 2002 and at the time regulators assured other ISP’s that Jambo would not be subsidized by Telkom to drive them out of business.

Read about the long tortured history of ISP’s in Kenya here (DOC file).

5 thoughts on “Telkom now an ISP

  1. Anonymous

    Jambo Telkom link isn’t working…. I was not able to track their website upon the launch of the service! Shouldn’t an ISP have an accessible website upon launch of their product?

  2. m

    I think Wananchi, nairobinet,etc are in very big trouble, especially on the dialup side. If what the site says is to believed the only dialup costs on jambo telkom is the call!

  3. kuoasan

    M: The concept is not new but adopted from countries like the UK where BT (British Telecom) provided the service to SELL minutes not the Internet!

    France has had a service called MiniTel for years that provided internet-like services using the phone line.

    Yes, I agree that the service is great coz it is on demand but will the quality & speed match the 56K?

    Forget the dial-up ISPs coz they incur 2 costs! They are screwed!

    The next step is to get CHEAPER broadband coz 56K ain’t cutting it no more…

  4. jR

    My my well this isnt bad for a sleeping Giant…its just a matter of time for things to drop…well i have it from reliable sources that free mail is on the way now we have 1276 shs per year mail from the giant pop/smtp… cheaper Wireless lines…and stuff like better broadband…. but as we say this is kenya and time will prove it….

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