TED Talks: Andrew Mwenda

Next up from TED Global Talks in Arusha is Ugandan editor Andrew Mwenda’s talk from TEDGlobal2007 who defined on of the themes of the summit with his calls for investment and trade opportunities and not for more aid for Africa. (Another great TED synopsis here from Ethan Zuckerman)

Unfortunately, Mwenda now appears to find himself wrong footed, when one of East Africa’s premier investors, the Aga Khan, chose to suspend him in a bid to appease the Ugandan government and ensure smooth survival of his business interests in the country.

5 thoughts on “TED Talks: Andrew Mwenda

  1. coldtusker

    A pity considering the AK’s cerdentials… but Mwenda should bounce back elsewhere…

    Uganda needs AK then AK needs Uganda… so AK should have sttod his ground…

  2. ka-investor

    I don’t think AK had anything to do with Andrews suspention. AK is too big to stoop so low. Andrew was suspended way before AK showed up – in May/June. It was due to the UG govt pressure that he was suspended. not AK. Andrew is too vocal for a country like Ug.

    PSS: your ‘find himself’ link is not showing.

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