Had a breakfast chat with the Member of Parliament for Laisamis (in Northern Kenya), Joseph Lekuton who’s here at TED to give a brief talk this morning and we discussed the constituency development fund in program in Kenya.

CDF was established in 2003 and is a program that directs 2.5% of the Kenya government revenue (from taxes) to be directly apportioned to the 210 constituencies depending on their population and other demographics. Local committees administer the fund and pick the programs which are to be financed e.g schools, dispensaries. The Laisamis CDF has disbursed its full allocation of about $600,000 for the year which he has committed to deliver services to his constituents who are largely nomadic.

More stories about the MP and Marsabit district, where Laisamis is located, which has a dedicated website.

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  1. bankelele

    Still NN. The hotel guys say the supplier is misbehaving.
    – Wow: can you send me the link to BDaily (but there can’t be more than 1/2 dozen biz blogs or do they mean beyond Kenya?)

  2. mudskippah

    The web Business Daily has no archives, at least I can’t see any. For what it’s worth go to bdafrica.com. Issue was Wednesday June 6th, page 27.

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