So I have been tagged by Kipepeo

1. Post six weird facts/habits about yourself.
2. These cannot be used against you later on.
3. At the bottom name the six people you will tag next. Leave them a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

1. My family thinks I was a Muslim mostly because I don’t eat pork. This all comes from the fact that I have good friends from West Africa from College who were devout Muslims and I even went to the million-man march.

2. Despite this, I eat with my left hand. I am right-handed, but I have always eaten with my left hand. This is awkward when I sit with friends to eat Ethiopian food, coastal, nyama choma or other communal meals from the same dish. So I sometimes wig out by ordering food that requires an individual plate & spoon or don’t eat at all.

3. I hate chewing gum. Can’t stand it – and the sight of gum put on/under furniture makes me nauseous to the point of changing seats or tables. If someone at the table is chewing gum I will edge away from them the way people with allergies shy away from cigarette smokers. I support Singapore, which has banned this vice in the country.

4. I read everywhere and always carry a book/web article or newspaper to read – bank queues, in a matatu, in a bar. But I stopped reading while walking in town after a close call, when my bag was almost snatched by a parking boy. I looked up just in time, stared him down, and he walked past me and went and snatched a window cover from a parked car instead.

5 I am a plane spotter and airport junkie, I know all large commercial aircraft (non-Russian) and get a rush from being at JKIA and identifying all the aircraft and airlines as they come in to land or taxi to take off. I will escort anyone to the airport if they put Tusker on the table.

6. I can’t count to six.

Am a bit late to the tag and can’t think of anyone. So if I have met you or you have commented here in the last week, please consider yourself tagged.

9 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. DMX

    Hi Banks

    I am delighted to know that you love planes….seems just as much as i do. Try this website: airliners.net. You will have a blast.

  2. nick

    hahahah bankelele has a snese of humor as well

    damn you were in the million man march
    hmmwas that u in the movie Get on the bus?

  3. bankelele

    nick: had to get down with Farrakhan & the brodas that day. Am also a movie star!

    kipepeo: Nice to change

    Ms K: Not wierd enough? I had to stop there

  4. kiplagat

    Another aviation nut in nairobi! Gr8!
    JKIA is not very friendly for spotting though, try taking pictures around there and the boys with guns will……..

    Maybe its time for a Kenya aviation blog?

  5. Kagz

    Interesting…& strange coz when i was in Kenya

    1. i HATED pork
    2. i am right handed tho i LOVED eating with my left hand
    3. i NEVER chewed gum
    4. i read EVERYWHERE…in bank queues,matatus,restaurants etc


    5. i HATE aircrafts
    6. i CAN count past six

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