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Norfund invests 1 billion in FIT Express, the UPS East Africa exclusive partner

UPS, is a hundred year old company that started out as a bicycle messenger firm. It now moves 18 million packages a day (32 million during the holidays), and their 435,000 employee serves 8 million customers daily.

UPS have now made Freight In Time (FIT Express) their exclusive partner in Kenya, consolidating both their express and freight forwarding services in Kenya. FIT, which is located in 8 countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi, DR Congo), also has a presence at all the main border crossing points and airports in the East Africa region.


UPS SWAG, but except to see more brown vans

Shamit Shah, the FIT Express CEO, said that Norfund just invested over Kshs 1 billion in FIT. He added that a great logistics company works seamlessly that customers don’t even notice them – and that few people even knew they had been a UPS authorized  contractor & partner until now. They have a  new workstation at Nairobi’s JKIA airport and do courier, express, warehouse, distribution, air & sea freight, and most important – the regional road freight for UPS.  

FIT Express is also a certified authorized economic operator and while they were ISO 9000 certified (quality management), they also recently got an ISO 14000 (environmental management) rank, which fits in UPS initiatives to go green and reduce their carbon footprint even as their global logistics volumes expand.