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What’s Your Travel Dream?

I’ve been invited to write about KLM dream deals, a selection of low fares that the airline for both their economy and business class travellers. From Nairobi, KLM serves over 460 destinations over the world. i.e Kenyans can click and pay for tickets to travel to far-reaching parts of the world.

What motivates one to travel? Usually, it’s work. Or to attend a conference or course, or to conclude a business deal. Sometimes it’s to attend university or (I hope not) for medical treatment.

But people also have dreams, of things that they want to do and places that they want to visit in life. These include entertainment, historical, fun, or interesting places.  Did you envy seeing your friends watching the rugby world cup at Twickenham? Or your parents visited biblical sites in Israel last Christmas? You may aspire to see ancient Greece or to attend mass at the Vatican, and you should one day.

At a seminar this week, financial consultant  Waceke Nduati, founder of Centonomy, answered the question – what would you advise your younger-self? Her answer was to spend your money on the things you care about. Travel is not pricey once you decide and plan and save for it. Waceke also cited how simple savings can affect one’s life – and if you consider that the Kshs 300 ($3) that many young working people in Nairobi spend for lunch every day, can add up to almost Kshs 100,000 ($1,000) at year-end which they can then use to pay for something that they dream of doing like education or travel.

So, if you work hard, save your money, and plan, such as with KLM Dream Deals, then you should get to fulfil your lifelong travel dreams. I’ve always been fascinated by the Kennedy assassination and I plan to one day visit Dealey Plaza, in Dallas Texas, to solve the mystery.

What’s your travel dream?