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Nairobi Riverside Terror Attack

Here are some noteworthy moments covered on Twitter.

The calm shatters.

First documentary video of the attack by journalist John Allan Namu.

Some early advice.

Breaking news advice.

This is a Twitter thread, but Facebook has more reach in a crisis.

Volunteer first responders.

Pleas for help.

Mistaken identity.


Terrorism has no religion, tribe, or colour. Islam does not condone terrorism.

Survivors and Survival Tales


Keep hope alive.

Police lines.

Bank customers okay.

Others Tales

The foreign media, and the New York Times become a talking point.

Situation updates by the Police.

Calls for support.

Corporate support for the responders.

Counseling and therapy services.

Support the victims’ families.

Supporting business continuity.

Lessons learnt.

14 Riverside reopens on January 28.

Remain vigilant! – US Embassy cautions.

Bank manager charged with failing to report suspicious funds transactions linked to the attack.


Hotel Reopens – August 1, 2019.

Flag flies around the world to six countries, passing Bhutan, Thailand, Cairo, China, and Dubai in honour of the hotel’s fallen heroes.

Hotel ceremonies to mark the reopening.

Cellulant wins an award for resilience from the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) – Jan 14 2020.

What other notable tweets did you see this week?